An Overview of the Airport Security Force (ASF) Pakistan

The Airport Security Force (ASF) is a government agency responsible for providing security at all international and domestic airports in Pakistan. The ASF is tasked with protecting passengers, airport staff, and airport infrastructure from any security threat.

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It is also responsible for enforcing aviation security regulations, checking passengers and luggage for prohibited items, and responding to security incidents. The ASF is part of the Ministry of Interior and works in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of passengers and airport operations. has compiled a detailed blog on the Airport Security Force, including its responsibilities, screening system and procedures, subsidiaries etc.


About Airport Security Force

The Airports Security Force operates under the jurisdiction of the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation, and is a division of the Civil Aviation Authority. The ASF was established in 1976 in response to the threat of terrorism and violence against the global aviation industry.

The current Director-General of ASF is Major General Zafar Ul Haq. The agency’s main responsibilities include maintaining law and order at airports, preventing crimes, and training its personnel in advanced counter-terrorism tactics. The ASF has the authority to enforce aviation security regulations and check if anyone is carrying any prohibited items.

The ASF plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of passengers, airport staff, and airport infrastructure. The agency is dedicated to providing a secure environment for aviation operations and protecting the civil aviation industry of the country against criminal interference. The Airports Security Force is committed to carrying out its duties with the utmost professionalism and dedication to ensure the safety of all airport operations.


Responsibilities of ASF


ASF Passing out Parade


According to the official website of the Airports Security Force (ASF), its primary mission is:

  • Provision of security to airports and civil aviation installations against criminal and terrorist threats
  • Security of all CAA equipment, aircrafts, passengers, cargo, and mail
  • Establishment and maintenance of a 24/7 highly-responsive command and control centre
  • Collaboration with local police to maintain law and order within airport limits
  • Ensuring a secure environment for airport operations and the safety of passengers and staff members


Authority of ASF

The Airport Security Force is authorised to search and detain individuals of interest within the airport premises. This includes individuals who may pose a direct or indirect threat to the passengers and airport staff.

The ASF personnel are empowered to investigate and detain any suspicious person and can then hand over the individual to the law enforcement authorities for the purpose of any legal proceedings. This helps maintain security and order within the airport and protect passengers and staff from potential harm.

The ASF is also responsible for screening luggage and preventing any dangerous items from being brought onto the plane. This ensures the safety of passengers and the smooth operation of flights. The agency’s commitment to security and safety is paramount, and its personnel are trained to carry out their duties with the utmost professionalism and dedication.


Screening Process of ASF


A map of ASF Screening Process


Listed below are the steps you need to follow when passing through the security checkpoint at an airport in Pakistan, where the Airports Security Force uses advanced equipment for passenger and luggage screening.

  • Be prepared with your boarding pass when approaching the security checkpoint.
  • Use a transparent, re-sealable bag for ease during the inspection,
  • Remove all liquid items, including medicine and baby food, from your hand-carry luggage for inspection.
  • Keep small metallic or electronic items, such as keys or coins, in your jacket or coat pocket for easy X-ray scanning.
  • Join the queue and pass through the X-ray machine.
  • Remove larger electronic items, such as laptops and tablets, from your luggage for separate X-ray scanning.
  • Be prepared to remove your shoes, as it may be required during the security screening process.


ASF Prohibited Items

To ensure security at airports, the ASF has issued the following list of prohibited items:

  • All types of firearm toy replicas
  • All types of firearms
  • Any type of large cutting tools like axes, chainsaws and large knives
  • Construction equipment like drills and blowtorches
  • Detonators and explosives
  • Hazardous chemical gases and sprays
  • Martial arts equipment
  • Slingshots and catapults
  • Tools larger than 6 cm in length


ASF Complaint Management System


ASF Command & Control System


The Airports Security Force has a highly efficient complaint management system, accessible through their official website. The following are the steps to file a complaint with ASF.

  • Open the dedicated section on their official website:
  • On the complaint form, fill in your personal details such as CNIC/Smart Card number, flight information, and airport details.
  • Enter your complaint in the designated field on the form.
  • You will receive a response regarding the resolution of your complaint on your email or phone number.


ASF Command and Control Centre

The Airports Security Force has established an efficient complaint management system to assist its customers with any concerns or issues they may face during their airport experience. The system comprises two main components: an online complaint management system and on-site complaint resolution and monitoring services.

The online complaint management system is available on the ASF website and allows individuals to submit their complaints by filling out a form with their personal information, flight details, and the nature of their complaints. The ASF control rooms, located at almost every airport in Pakistan, provide 24/7 on-site complaint resolution and monitoring services.

Passengers can approach the ASF help desk at the airport to lodge their complaints, which are then immediately forwarded to the control room. The control room is also equipped with CCTV cameras that allow for constant monitoring of the airport’s security situation.


ASF Subsidiaries


Airport Security Force Subsidiaries


Expanding its services beyond just security, ASF Pakistan now has various subsidiary companies operating in diverse areas.

  • ASF Foundation
  • ASF Medical Centres
  • Schools and Colleges
  • ASF Security Private Limited
  • ASF Land and Housing
  • Security Training Wing
  • ASF Community Centres


ASF Foundation

Established in 2014, aimed at generating income to support retired ASF officials and their families.


ASF Medical Centres

Dedicated medical facilities for serving and retired ASF officials and their families.


ASF Schools and Colleges

Educational institutions for the children of ASF officials and those interested in joining the force.


ASF Land and Housing Schemes

Aimed at providing housing to serving and retired ASF officials, with some projects also open to the general public.


Security Training Wing


Airport Security Force Logo


Trains both ASF personnel and those from third-party security organisations, using facilities such as the ASF Academy.


ASF Community Centres

Communal spaces for ASF officials and their families to gather and participate in different activities.


FAQs About the Airport Security Force (ASF) Pakistan

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Airport Security Force (ASF):

What is ASF?

The Airports Security Force (ASF) is a federal agency responsible for airport security. It operates under the administrative control of the Secretary.


What is the role of the Airport Security Force (ASF) in Pakistan?

The ASF is responsible for maintaining the security of airports in Pakistan and ensuring the safety of passengers, employees, and aircraft.


What measures does the ASF take to ensure airport security?

The ASF uses a combination of physical inspections, security screenings, and advanced technology to maintain a high level of security at airports.


Are airport employees also screened for security purposes?

Yes, airport employees, including pilots, ground staff, and security personnel, are subject to security screenings to ensure compliance with security protocols.


What are the restrictions on bringing firearms and dangerous weapons on flights?

Passengers are not allowed to bring firearms or dangerous weapons on flights, and such items will be confiscated by the ASF at the security checkpoint.


How does the ASF handle emergencies at airports?

The ASF has established protocols and procedures for handling emergencies at airports, including rapid response units and evacuation procedures.


Can the ASF refuse to allow a passenger to board a flight for security reasons?

Yes, the ASF has the authority to refuse to allow a passenger to board a flight if they pose a security risk or if their identity cannot be verified.


What happens if prohibited items are found in my baggage during security screenings?

If prohibited items are found in a passenger’s baggage during security screenings, they will be confiscated, and the passenger may face legal consequences.


Can the ASF provide assistance to passengers with disabilities?

Yes, the ASF provides assistance to passengers with disabilities to ensure their safety and security during the airport experience.


How can I apply for a job at the Airport Security Force (ASF)?

Individuals can apply for a job at the ASF by visiting the ASF website or the nearest ASF office. On the website, interested candidates can view available job openings and submit their applications online.


What are the eligibility criteria for ASF jobs?

The eligibility criteria for ASF jobs vary depending on the position. Generally, candidates must be citizens of Pakistan and meet educational and age requirements. Physical fitness and medical standards may also apply.


What is the selection process for ASF jobs?

The selection process for ASF jobs typically involves written exams, physical tests, and interviews. The exact process may vary depending on the position.

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