Ashura Traffic Plan for Lahore and Islamabad

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) and City Traffic Police Lahore (CTPL) announced the traffic plan for Islamabad and Lahore on 9th Muharram, ahead of the Ashura procession.

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According to the diversion plan, the main mourning procession will commence from Imam Bargah Asna-e-Ashri G-6/2 on 9th Muharram-ul-Haram and will culminate at the same place after passing through its traditional routes.
During the procession, Fazle Haq road, roads from Poly Clinic to Kalsoom plaza will remain closed for any kind of vehicular traffic.

In addition, the 7th Avenue from F-6 Chowk to Soharwardi road, Fazal-e-Haq Road from China Chowk to Kalsum Plaza will also be closed.

The road from Iqbal Hall leading to Melody Chowk, Municipal Road from Markazi Jamia Masjid to Poly Clinic Chowk, Luqman e Hakeem Road from Poly Clinic to Lal Quarter will also be closed.

The G-6 service road from G-6/2 Chowk to Lal Quarter Chowk will also be closed for general traffic from 8 am, till the end of the procession.

The ITP also announced alternate routes for the flow of traffic.

The alternate routes include 7th Avenue, Aabpara, Sehrwardy Road, and Shaheed Milat Road.

The commuters may use one way of 7th Avenue for Kulsoom Plaza to Chand Tara Chowk and Jinnah Avenue from Kulsoom Plaza to China Chowk to reach their destinations.

Another procession will commence from Imambargah Musa Kazim in sector I-10/1 on 9th Muharram and will culminate there, after passing through various routes.

To cater to the procession, various roads including I-10 Markaz, CDA Chowk #1, Katarian Bridge, IJP Road (Pirwdhai and Faizabad area) will remain close for all kinds of vehicular traffic.

The commuters are advised to use the IJP Road to go to I-10 (Sabzi Mandi) from Faizabad, Murree road, Bhara Kau or Khana Bridge.

The residents of sectors I-8, I-9 can use external IJP, Pirwadhai road.



The main procession will commence from Nisar Haveli and will conclude at Karbala Gamay Shah.

Those attending can park their vehicles at Nasir Bagh, Mochi Gate Bagh, Data Darbar Eye Hospital, Central Model High School, and Bengali Park in a single lane and Adda Crown.

No vehicle would be allowed to enter the procession route from an alternate route.

The citizens have been requested to cooperate with the authorities.


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