Authorities urged to disconnect utility services in 92 housing societies

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ATTOCK: The district administration of Attock has urged the utility service providers via a letter to disconnect energy and Sui gas services in 92 illegal housing societies. 


A copy of the letter was sent to the chief executive of Islamabad Electric Supply Company Ltd. (IESCO) and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL). In addition, a copy was also delivered to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to garner its support for the cause in a crackdown against unlawful societies. 


The letter has also urged citizens to beware of illegal housing societies and conduct due diligence when taking real estate decisions. 


Last week, 92 housing societies in various parts of Hasanabdal, FatehJhang, Attock, Jand and Pindigheb Hazro were labelled as illegal by the district administration. 


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