Bahawalpur awaits $150 million from the ADB for amenities uplift


Bahawalpur: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has proposed a financial assistance of $150 million for the provision of basic amenities in the city.

The meeting was held between Bahawalpur Waste Management Company (BWMC) Managing Director Naeem Akhtar and a 10 member delegation from ADB.

ADB has proposed to grant $150 million in its second phase next year. The respective sectors include solid waste management, water supply, sewerage, horticulture and city master plan for the next 20 to 25 years. A fund of $11.65 million from the total amount maybe allocated to BMWC.

Recommendation for household tax imposition on the residence to be charged by BMWC for the cleanliness of roads and streets was also under examination by the government.

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