Balochistan govt approves development schemes worth Rs44.9bn

Balochistan govt approves development schemes worth Rs44.9bn

ISLAMABAD: Balochistan Finance Minister Zahoor Buledi announced that the provincial government has given its approval for various development schemes across the province for the provision of infrastructure and basic facilities to the dwellers of remote areas.

The provincial finance department has reportedly authorised a sum of Rs44.9 billion for the continuation and commencement of as many as 2,018 projects during the first half of the financial year 2019-20.

Buledi remarked that the approval meant that the government has given its go-ahead to an encouraging 88% out of a total 2,449 schemes in Balochistan.

He further said that the development projects, aimed at uplifting the living standards in remote areas, were focused on road and infrastructure rehabilitation, education, health, irrigation, agriculture and drinking water facilities.

“It is the first time in the history of Balochistan that more than 1,524 new schemes have been approved in such a short span of time, which shows the government’s seriousness towards development of the province,” he noted.

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