Balochistan House: Islamabad’s Oasis for Provincial Officials

The location of Balochistan House offers significant advantages due to its proximity to many crucial government offices

Balochistan House is a government guest house located in Islamabad, Pakistan, primarily serving officials and officers from the Balochistan province. It provides accommodation for government officers, ministers, and their families when they are in the capital. The facility is situated on Agha Khan Road in the Red Zone of Islamabad, a prime location known for its security and accessibility.

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Balochistan House is strategically located on Agha Khan Road in the F-5/2 sector of Islamabad, within the Red Zone area of the city. The Red Zone is known for housing several key government offices, foreign embassies, and other important buildings. This prime location ensures that Balochistan House is not only easy to access but also situated in one of the most secure parts of the capital.

The location of Balochistan House offers significant advantages due to its proximity to many crucial government offices and landmarks. It is within walking distance or a short drive from the Parliament House, the Supreme Court, and various federal ministries. This makes it incredibly convenient for officials from Balochistan who need to attend meetings, conferences, or other official functions in these locations.

Additionally, being close to major landmarks like the Pakistan Monument, the Faisal Mosque, and Daman-e-Koh provides guests with easy access to some of Islamabad’s most notable attractions. This not only enhances the convenience for official purposes but also offers a pleasant experience for those staying at the guest house.


Importance of Location in Terms of Security and Convenience

The Red Zone is heavily guarded and considered one of the most secure areas in Islamabad. The presence of numerous high-profile government buildings and foreign embassies means that security measures in this area are exceptionally stringent. For officials from Balochistan, this provides a sense of safety and peace of mind during their stay.

The convenient location also means that guests can avoid the often chaotic traffic of Islamabad, as they are already situated near the heart of government activity. This reduces travel time significantly and allows officials to be more efficient with their schedules.


Facilities and Services

Balochistan House provides various facilities and services. These include:

  • Accommodation
  • Dining and Recreational Facilities
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms



Balochistan House offers a variety of accommodation options to cater to the diverse needs of government officials and their families. The rooms range from standard single and double rooms to more spacious suites. Each room is equipped with essential amenities, including air conditioning, comfortable bedding, Wi-Fi, and television. Some rooms are designed to provide scenic views of Islamabad, enhancing the overall stay experience. The emphasis is on providing a comfortable and secure environment for the guests, ensuring that their stay is both pleasant and productive.


Dining and Recreational Facilities

Dining at Balochistan House is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The guest house features a dining hall that serves a range of Pakistani and international cuisines. The food is prepared by experienced chefs, ensuring high standards of taste and hygiene. For those who prefer dining in their rooms, room service is also available.

Recreational facilities at Balochistan House include a lounge area where guests can relax and unwind. This area is equipped with comfortable seating and entertainment options like television and reading materials. The serene environment of the guest house, coupled with its well-maintained gardens, provides an excellent space for relaxation and leisure.


Conference and Meeting Rooms

Balochistan House is well-equipped to host official meetings and conferences. It features several conference and meeting rooms that can accommodate different group sizes. These rooms are equipped with modern facilities such as projectors, sound systems, and high-speed internet, ensuring that all technical needs are met. This makes it an ideal location for government officials to conduct meetings, workshops, and seminars without the need to travel far from their accommodation.


Other Services Offered

In addition to accommodation and dining, Balochistan House provides a range of other services to enhance the convenience and comfort of its guests. Transportation services are available, including airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as local transport for official business within Islamabad. This is particularly beneficial for officials who need to attend meetings at various government offices.

Laundry services are also provided, ensuring that guests can have their clothes cleaned and pressed without leaving the premises. This is particularly useful for those on extended stays or with busy schedules. Furthermore, the staff at Balochistan House are known for their helpfulness and professionalism, always ready to assist guests with any additional needs they may have.


Significance of Balochistan House for Balochistan Officials

For government officials from Balochistan, having a dedicated guest house in the capital, Islamabad is of paramount importance. Islamabad is the hub of federal governmental activities, and officials from all provinces, including Balochistan, frequently need to travel there for meetings, conferences, and other official duties. Balochistan House provides these officials with a reliable and secure place to stay, ensuring they have a home base while navigating their responsibilities in the capital.

The guest house serves as a critical infrastructure that bridges the geographical and administrative gap between Balochistan and the federal government. It facilitates smoother and more efficient communication and coordination with federal ministries and departments. This dedicated facility underscores the presence and participation of Balochistan in national affairs, ensuring that the province’s interests are effectively represented and advocated at the federal level.


How Balochistan House Supports the Work and Well-being of Officials

Balochistan House is designed to support the work and well-being of officials in several ways. Firstly, by providing comfortable and secure accommodation, it allows officials to focus on their work without worrying about the logistics of their stay. The well-furnished rooms and essential amenities ensure that they can rest and rejuvenate after a long day of official duties.

Moreover, the availability of conference and meeting rooms equipped with modern facilities allows officials to conduct important meetings and discussions on-site. This convenience reduces the need for additional travel within the city, saving time and enhancing productivity. The dining facilities ensure that officials have access to nutritious meals, which is crucial for maintaining their health and energy levels during their stay.

The supportive environment of Balochistan House, coupled with its range of services like transportation and laundry, further alleviates the daily stresses of travel and logistics. This comprehensive support system enables officials to perform their duties more effectively and with greater focus, thereby contributing to better governance and administration.


Important Nearby Places and Landmarks of Balochistan House

Balochistan House, located on Agha Khan Road in the Red Zone of Islamabad, is surrounded by several significant landmarks and government buildings. Here are some key places nearby:


Parliament House


Members of National Assembly sitting inside Parliament House


The Parliament House, home to Pakistan’s bicameral legislature, is one of the most important buildings in Islamabad. It houses both the National Assembly and the Senate. Its proximity to Balochistan House is crucial for officials who need to participate in legislative sessions, attend parliamentary meetings, or engage in discussions with lawmakers. The building’s grand architecture and expansive grounds also make it a notable landmark in the city​ (Paktive)​.


Supreme Court of Pakistan


Supreme court of Pakistan at night


The Supreme Court of Pakistan is another key institution located near Balochistan House. It serves as the highest judicial authority in the country, handling significant legal cases and constitutional matters. For officials dealing with legal issues or representing the government in judicial proceedings, the close proximity to the Supreme Court is highly beneficial. The court’s striking modernist architecture adds to the aesthetic appeal of the area.


Presidential Palace (Aiwan-e-Sadr)




The Presidential Palace, or Aiwan-e-Sadr, is the official residence and workplace of the President of Pakistan. This building is a symbol of the executive power in Pakistan. Therefore, it is often the venue for state functions and official ceremonies. Its location near Balochistan House allows officials to attend important state events and meet with the President’s office efficiently. The palace’s beautiful grounds and imposing structure are significant features of Islamabad’s landscape​.


Prime Minister’s Secretariat

The Prime Minister’s Secretariat is the administrative hub of the federal government. It is where the Prime Minister’s office is located, along with various key government departments. For Balochistan officials, easy access to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat is essential for coordinating federal policies, attending high-level meetings, and engaging in executive decision-making processes. The secretariat is known for its impressive architecture and extensive security.


Diplomatic Enclave

The Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad houses numerous foreign embassies and consulates. This area is vital for diplomatic engagements, international relations, and consular services. Officials from Balochistan staying at Balochistan House may frequently visit the Diplomatic Enclave for diplomatic meetings, visa services, and international collaborations. The enclave is highly secure and designed to facilitate international diplomacy.


Pakistan Monument


Pakistan monument at night with its reflection on the shiny floor


The Pakistan Monument, located in Shakarparian Park, is a national symbol representing the four provinces of Pakistan. It is not only a significant cultural landmark but also a popular tourist attraction. The monument’s museum offers insights into Pakistan’s history, making it an educational site for officials and their families. Pakistan Monument’s scenic views and well-maintained gardens provide a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.


Faisal Mosque


faisal mosque


The Faisal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, is a landmark of both religious and architectural significance. Its striking modern design, which combines contemporary and traditional Islamic architectural styles, makes it a must-visit site in Islamabad. For officials staying at Balochistan House, the mosque offers a place for worship and reflection. It also serves as a notable point of interest for visitors​ (Balochistan Rest Houses).




daman-e-koh Islamabad


Daman-e-Koh is a viewpoint in the Margalla Hills that offers panoramic views of Islamabad. It is a popular recreational spot for both locals and tourists. Moreover, the proximity to Daman-e-Koh allows officials and their families to stay at Balochistan House to enjoy leisure activities, hiking, and scenic views of the city. Lastly, this location provides a natural escape and a chance to appreciate the beauty of the Margalla Hills National Park​.

These landmarks and institutions surrounding Balochistan House not only enhance the convenience for officials on official duties but also enrich their stay with cultural, historical, and recreational opportunities.

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