Best AC in Pakistan 2024 

It would help if you had a dependable air conditioner to stay cool during Pakistan’s intense summers. However, choosing the proper air conditioner with many manufacturers and features might take much work. The best options for Pakistan’s market in 2024 will be covered in this article, emphasising inverter air conditioners because of their excellent cooling and energy efficiency. will examine features, cost, and brand reputation in this blog post to assist you in choosing the right air conditioner for your requirements and financial situation. With our thorough guide to the top air conditioners in Pakistan, you can battle the heat and get set to breathe easily.  

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Best AC in Pakistan 

Pakistani families increasingly choose air conditioners due to their quieter operation and variable speed compressor characteristics. So, end your summertime sweats and browse our selection of Pakistan’s top inverter air conditioners to find the ideal fit.

The following is the list of the best AC in Pakistan. 

  • Dawlance AC
  • Haier Inverter AC
  • Gree AC
  • Orient AC
  • Panasonic AC
  • LG ACs
  • PEL AC


Dawlance AC 

Dawlance Inverter AC one of the best ACs in pakistan

A reputable Pakistani brand, Dawlance, turns up the heat with powerful inverter air conditioners. These air conditioners have state-of-the-art features and are built for comfort and economy.  

  • Self-cleaning feature: This cutting-edge feature eliminates the need for manual cleaning and extends the life of your air conditioner’s effective operation.  
  • With the 4D Airflow System, your room will always be relaxed. This technology makes every space pleasantly cosy. 
  • Low-Voltage Start-Up: Power fluctuations won’t interfere with your ability to stay calm. The inverter ACs from Dawlance are designed to withstand voltage fluctuations. 
  • For further peace of mind, Dawlance provides a 10-year compressor guarantee and a strong service network, acknowledging the limitations of Pakistan’s climate.


Haier Inverter AC 

Haier Inverter AC  best ac pakistan

Leading home appliance manufacturer Haier offers a selection of powerful inverter air conditioners in Pakistan that showcase its cutting-edge technology. These air conditioners have features intended to provide both comfort and clean air, making them ideal for the country’s intense summers.  

  • Quickly escape the heat with Turbo Cooling. For those hot Pakistani afternoons, this mode soon cools your space to a suitable temperature in minutes.  
  • 100% Copper Coil: Haier inverter air conditioners use premium copper coils to ensure long-lasting operation and effective heat transfer.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode: Continually perform at your best. This cutting-edge innovation automatically cleans your air conditioner to maintain optimal performance.  
  • Haier provides a comprehensive 12-year warranty on the compressor, which is the central component of your air conditioning system, providing peace of mind. 
  • Multi-Stage Air Filtration: Enjoy clean, revitalising air that makes breathing simple. Allergens and pollutants are eliminated from the air you breathe thanks to the dust and antimicrobial filters that Haier inverter air conditioners have. 

Gree AC 

Gree Inverter AC one of the best in pakistan

Gree, a well-known brand in Pakistan, provides a wide range of affordable and well-fitting inverter air conditioners. Gree air conditioners are famous for their clever features, making them ideal for customers on a budget. This one is one of the best AC in Pakistan.

  • With the 4-Way Airflow System, your room will always be comfortable. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, every angle feels pleasantly cool.  
  • Self-Diagnosis: Don’t worry too much about troubleshooting! The self-diagnosis feature can detect AC problems, making quick and straightforward fixes possible.  
  • Intelligent Energy-Saving Mode: Maintain composure while saving money. With Gree’s smart mode, you can maximise energy efficiency and save on electricity costs without sacrificing comfort.  
  • Gree provides a comprehensive 10-year compressor warranty that ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind. 


Orient AC 

Orient Inverter AC 

With their selection of inverter air conditioners, Orient, a reputable Pakistani company, is responsible for cooling even the largest spaces. These air conditioners are made to be robust and efficient, and they have features that make them perfect for the temperature in Pakistan:  

  • 100% Copper Coil: A 100% copper coil’s superior heat transfer capabilities allow for quicker, more effective cooling. This means that even in the hottest months in Pakistan, less energy will be used, and rooms will be cooler.  
  • With Turbo Cooling Mode, you can quickly beat the heat! This unique mode offers a rapid blast of cool air, rapidly bringing your room to a pleasant temperature – excellent for those warm afternoons. 
  • Long Air Throw: No room is too big for Orient inverter ACs. This innovative feature ensures cool air reaches every corner of your space, keeping you comfortable no matter the size of the room.
  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty: Orient offers peace of mind with a generous 10-year warranty on the compressor, the heart of your AC. 

Panasonic AC 

Panasonic Inverter AC one os the best Acs in pakistan

With a selection of outstanding inverter air conditioners, the well-known brand Panasonic extends its dedication to innovation to Pakistan. These air conditioners are ideal for Pakistan’s environment since they are made to provide both effective cooling and cleaner air:  

  • 100% Copper Coil: Reduce energy use and enjoy quicker cooling. Copper coils’ exceptional heat transfer qualities ensure that your room reaches a pleasant temperature quickly and help you save money on electricity costs. 
  • Take comfort in cleaner, healthier air with the NanoeTM Air Purification System. This cutting-edge Panasonic technology creates a more comfortable and refreshing atmosphere by actively removing airborne particles. Powerful Mode: Don’t wait for the cool down. This unique mode delivers a rapid blast of cool air, bringing your room to a comfortable temperature in minutes – ideal for those scorching Pakistani afternoons. 



LG Inverter ACs

Leading electronics brand LG provides an impressive range of inverter air conditioners in Pakistan that are made to improve your comfort level. LG air conditioners are an excellent option for individuals looking for a feature-rich solution because of their cutting-edge technology and emphasis on usability:  

  • Advanced Inverter Technology: LG’s cutting-edge inverter technology offers exceptional cooling efficiency. These air conditioners modify their compressor speed to maintain the appropriate temperature, resulting in lower electricity costs and consistent comfort.
  • Some LG inverter air conditioners feature a dual inverter compressor to offer an additional boost to performance and efficiency. This technique guarantees strong cooling while further reducing energy usage.
  • Intelligent Features (on select models): Stay in control with LG’s innovative features. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to control your AC remotely, while features like auto cleaning and low noise operation enhance your comfort and convenience.
  • Durable Performance: LG inverter ACs are built to last, with high-quality components and a focus on reliability.



PEL Inverter AC  one of the best ac in pakistan

An impressive selection of inverter air conditioners from PEL, a reputable Pakistan-based brand, are available to meet your needs for year-round comfort. These air conditioners have attributes that make them a dependable and adaptable choice for the environment in Pakistan:  

  • With Turbo Cooling Mode, you can quickly beat the heat! This feature soon cools your space with cool air, making it ideal for Pakistan’s scorching summer months. 
  • Enjoy comfort all year round with the heat and excellent function. Unlike regular ACs, PEL inverter ACs offer cooling and heating functionality, making you feel comfortable even during the cooler winter months.
  • Low Voltage Start-Up: Don’t let power fluctuations disrupt your comfort. PEL inverter ACs are built to handle even unstable voltage, ensuring they can operate reliably in areas with inconsistent electricity supply.

Types of ACs in Pakistan 

There are two main categories of ACs readily available in Pakistan: 

  • Split ACs 
  • Window ACs 

Split ACs

In Pakistan, split air conditioners are the most popular because they provide a superior blend of quieter operation and effective cooling.

These champions comprise two ingenious units: an indoor evaporator unit that works like magic to cool your space and distribute refreshing air and an outdoor compressor unit that is a powerhouse that handles the heavy lifting of heat removal.

This split design puts the noisy compressor outdoors, resulting in a pleasant inside environment suited for leisure or sleep. Split ACs are known for their tremendous cooling qualities, which are ideal for handling Pakistan’s blistering summers. 


Window ACs

If you’re looking for a rapid cooling solution, window air conditioners are a more affordable option. They are single units conveniently mounted right into a window frame, unlike split ACs. The initial cost is usually less, and installation is usually more straightforward.

Window air conditioners can have certain drawbacks, though. Since they are typically less efficient than split air conditioners, they may eventually result in more significant electricity costs. Furthermore, a noisier operation results from the compressor within the same unit as the excellent air distribution.

Although window air conditioners can work well in smaller spaces, larger rooms or those looking for the highest level of comfort and quietness may find them less desirable due to their drawbacks. 

While selecting an AC for your needs in Pakistan, there are other aspects to take into account within these two primary categories, such as: 


Inverter vs. Non-Inverter

Inverter air conditioners are the undisputed winners when reducing the amount you pay for power. These intelligent systems have variable-speed compressors that change their power according to the temperature of the space.

This reduces energy use by enabling continuous cooling comfort without the energy spikes caused by frequent on-and-off switching.

Conversely, non-inverter air conditioners have a more straightforward on/off mechanism. At this point, they shut down, resulting in decreased efficiency and possibly more significant electricity costs. 


Cooling Capacity

Consider the following scenario: purchasing a new water filter cannot satisfy your family’s thirst. Likewise, picking the incorrect size air conditioner can make you feel hot and angry. It is essential to have an air conditioner with enough cooling capability in Pakistan’s sizzling heat. Using these ACs you won’t have to worry about using othe methods to cool you houses during summers.

Higher tonnes correspond to more cooling capacity in air conditioners. A 1-ton AC might be appropriate for a small area; however, a more prominent space would require a 2-ton AC or more to counteract the heat successfully. Don’t underestimate the impact of picking the proper size for a relaxed and comfortable summer. 


Feature Frenzy

Modern air conditioners do more than cool your room. Many include extra features that improve your convenience and comfort. Air filters are useful tools for air purification, and timers let you plan cooling cycles for maximum effectiveness.

Consider whatever characteristics are crucial to you, whether it’s cleaner air, customisable cooling, or the comfort of a remote, to select the AC that properly suits your lifestyle. 



Quick FAQs on Inverter ACs in Pakistan: 


Why Inverter ACs?

With efficient cooling and variable-speed compressors, Inverter ACs save you money on electricity bills. 

What size AC do I need?

Consider room size and Pakistan’s hot climate—a 1-ton AC might suit a small room. At the same time, a more prominent space would need a higher capacity. 


What features should you look for?

Popular features include self-cleaning, air filters, turbo cooling, and remote control for added convenience. 


Reliable Brands in Pakistan?

Dawlance, Haier, Gree, Orient, Panasonic, LG, and PEL are all reputable brands offering ACs. 


Many inverter ACs in Pakistan come with generous compressor warranties, typically 10-12 years. 

This was all about best AC in Pakistan. For more information on AC price in Pakistan, visit

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