Best Cinemas in Lahore

best cinemas in lahore

Cinemas in Lahore have played a vital role in reviving the country’s entertainment industry, along with serving as a launchpad for many well-known Pakistani film actors.

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The city is famous for being an energetic and entertaining hub for all activities. The entertainment sector’s powerful influence has tremendously impacted Lahore’s culture, and as a result, the city is paved with cinema enthusiasts.

People here have a variety of options when it comes to seeing movies on a big screen, including numerous new and modern cinemas in Lahore.— Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has gathered a list of the best cinemas in Lahore that you can choose from to enjoy the perfect movie time with your friends and family.


Top 10 Cinemas in Lahore

Several state-of-the-art movie theatres have opened in Lahore due to the resurgence of Pakistan’s film industry in the twenty-first century.

Let’s look at ten of the best cinemas in Lahore where you can have an exceptional and delightful experience watching movies in 2D and 3D digital multiplexes.


No.CinemaLocationRatingPrice RangeContact Information
1CineStar Cinema IMAX Theatre TownshipPlot # 13 – 2 / Civic Center Township CineStar Cinema, 2 Ali Rd, Township Twp Commercial Area4.6$$$0323 5157460
2CUE Cinemas57 Main Boulevard Gulberg, Main Gulberg4.6$$0330 0565656
3CineGold PlexSector F Bahria Town، Mohlanwal4.5$$$(042) 35467190
4Cinepax Packages MallPackages Mall, Walton Road, Walton Railway Officers Colony4.4$$$(042) 111 246 372
5Universal CinemasEmporium Mall, Abdul Haque Rd,  Johar Town4.4$$0316 6668888
6Cinepax Fortress2nd Floor, Fortress Square Shopping Mall، Saddar Town4.3$$N/A
7Imperial CinemasImperial Mall، Barki Rd, Paragon City4.2$$0304 1112214
8Cinepax Amanah MallAmanah Mall, G.E.C.H.S. Phase 2 Muhammadpura4.2$$(042) 35131682
9PAF CinemaSarfaraz Rafiqui Rd, Lahore Cantt4.2$$(042) 36688880
10Cinepax Lake CityLake City Mall4.2$$0310 4360025


CineStar Cinema IMAX Theatre Township


IMAX Cinema is one of the best cinemas in Lahore


Launched in 2014, CineStar is the first IMAX in the country and one of the top 3D movie theatres in Pakistan. The cinema is based in Township, Lahore. Currently, the acquired rights of the cinema have been signed to Pepsi Pakistan.

Since its launch, CineStar IMAX has made waves for its impeccable HD display and 3D movie display that movie fanatics love.

If you’re looking for a premium cinema experience and you’re a little flexible on your budget, Cinestar Imax Lahore is your next stop for watching your favourite movies.  

Socia media Website: CineStar Cinema IMAX


CUE Cinemas


cue cinema lahore


Cue Cinemas, a boutique movie theatre chain that made its debut on Boulevard 57’s Level 1 back in 2017. The multiplex offers Pakistani moviegoers the most thrilling VIP experience with the best class in visual and audio quality.

Cue Cinema Lahore is an ideal go-to site for you to enjoy the latest movies, whether you’re looking for Hollywood, Bollywood, or Lollywood hits. Along with the great screening, you’ll love the ambience and overall experience. 

Website: CUE Cinemas


CineGold Plex


cinegold plex is one of the best cinemas in Lahore


Lahore’s CineGold Plex is a cutting-edge theatre that offers visitors an excellent movie-going experience. It is located in Bahria Town Lahore. The newest Hollywood and Pakistani films are screened in the theatre’s 2D and 3D digital theatres. 

Furthermore, CineGold Plex enables you to experience your favourite films in the most exhilarating manner, thanks to its cutting-edge speaker and projection technologies. The website of this movie theatre, which is operated by Bahria Town, is updated frequently, giving you the most recent details regarding movie showings and online tickets.

Social media Website: Raiha CineGold Plex


Cinepax Packages Mall


Cinepac cinemas in Lahore


The newest movies are presented here in digital 2D and 3D theatres, with the latter offering a genuinely immersive experience. Modern surround sound technology is available in the theatre.

However, the Packages Mall franchise is one of the best ones that are not only easily accessible but offer a comfortable and timely experience for all movie fanatics who are looking for a fun movie experience. 

Social media Website: Cinepax – Packages Mall


Universal Cinemas


Universal Cinemas in Lahore Ambience


For a variety of reasons, Universal Cinemas is regarded as one of the best cinemas in Lahore. It offers large movie theatres, 2D and 3D multiplexes, and plush seating.

Additionally, having a variety of restaurants nearby will allow you to satisfy your appetite for snacks immediately following an exhilarating movie experience. You can easily check in with their website for movie slots and schedules with ticket prices.

Social media Website: Universal Cinemas


Cinepax Fortress


Fortress Mall Cinemas in Lahore


Cinepax Fortress is one of Lahore’s best movie theatres. The best in elegance, entertainment – everything that movie lovers seek out here. There are several Cinepax locations in Lahore, and each one is furnished with the standard amenities found in most contemporary digital theatres.

Enjoy the latest movies with comfortable, air-conditioned rooms and the best snacks at Cinepax Fortress. The best part about it being in the mall is that you can enjoy shopping afterwards or before hitting the movies. 

Social media website: Cinepax Fortress 

Imperial Cinemas

Another fantastic entertainment choice in Lahore is Imperial Cinemas. This theatre is renowned for its ambiance and facilities, providing an ultra-comfortable experience to visitors. 

Imperial Cinemas offer roomy theatres, a cozy seating area, and an area with complete air conditioning. It is ideal for families that are looking for an affordable movie spot to bring the family.

Both online and at the counter, tickets are available for purchase. You can look up the schedule and pricing online and book your tickets beforehand. 

Social media Website: Imperial Cinemas


Cinepax Amanah Mall

Cinepax Amanah Mall is the next theatre on the list of best cinemas in Lahore. It is Pakistan’s most well-known network of theatres. You can purchase tickets online in addition to the main counter. You should not miss out on  Cinepax Cinema’s gold theatre choice. 

The seating room is completely air-conditioned, with plush armchairs that recline all the way, and of course, a huge selection of munchies. Cinepax Amanah Mall offers everything, from cutting-edge visual technology to outstanding sound quality.

Social media Website: Cinepax – Amanah Mall

PAF Cinema

PAF Cinema is one of the top cinemas in Lahore, setting a new standard for digital movie viewing. This cinema combines the most modern cinematic features and state-of-the-art seating arrangements to provide you with a distinctive moviegoing experience. 

At this cinema, you can enjoy the ideal setting for a family movie night with both 2D and 3D formats. 

Social media Website: PAF Cinema


Cinepax Lake City


Cinepax Lake City is one of the best cinemas in Lahore


Cinepax Lake City is another one of the top cinema additions in Lahore. With the latest movies queued for premiering, Lahoris can now enjoy the full range of Hollywood and Lollywood movies in a great environment. 

At Cinepax Lake City, you can enjoy the latest movies in 2D and 3D digital cinemas. Surround yourself with high-quality sound and the latest features, and enjoy the whole movie experience. 

Social media Website: Cinepax Lake City

These are some of the most well-known and upscale movie theatres in Lahore, and you should definitely check them out. 

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In Lahore, how many movie theaters are there?

Lahore has a number of cinemas, but the precise count can change over time as new theaters open and close. In Lahore, there are about 20 movie theaters.


What are the most well-liked movie theaters in Lahore?

Cinepax, Packages Mall, Super Cinema, and Universal Cinemas are some of the most well-liked movie theaters in Lahore.


What genres of movies are screened in theaters in Lahore?

Cinemas in Lahore normally screen a variety of domestic and foreign films, including Pakistani, Hollywood, and Bollywood productions.


What is the cost of movie tickets in Lahore?

The cost of tickets might vary based on the theater and the film is seen. The typical price of a conventional movie ticket in Lahore theaters might range from PKR 350 to PKR 750.


Are there any particular discounts offered to seniors or students?

Sure, Lahore’s theaters give seniors and students significant discounts. Although the reductions can be different, they usually provide a percentage off the regular ticket price.


Is it safe to visit a movie theater in Lahore?

Yes, it usually is safe to go to the movies in Lahore. But, it is always advisable to exercise caution and pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you plan to go out late at night. To safeguard the spectators, security officers are typically present in theaters.

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