A Guide to the Best Home Theater Systems in Pakistan

A guide to the best home theatre setups in Pakistan

The pandemic has kickstarted the interest in home theater setups, with more and more people wanting to recreate a live theater experience in their living rooms. A home theater can seem daunting if you look at all the information online. However, home theater setups are not that difficult if you know what you want. Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, is here to showcase some of the best home theater systems in Pakistan that you can build in your home and how they can enhance your movie viewing experience.

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Designing The Room


Designing home theater setup requires some effort to make it work


A home theater room is where you house the equipment and watch the movie. If you plan on dedicating a separate room for a home theater setup, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while designing this space.

You can pick an unused room or dedicate a room while constructing your home for a home theater. A home theater room should have a few specific features that will help with the experience.

Some things that you should look into when deciding on a room have been listed below.



A perfectly square room is never a good choice as it leaves dead zones in terms of sounds.

It also wastes viewing space as people on the sides will not be able to have a perfect viewing angle. It’s always better to have a rectangle-shaped room.



Ideally, this room should not have a lot of windows so that there is as little light-bleed as possible. Windows are also a problem in terms of sound as bass can rattle windows, causing unnecessary disturbances.



The walls of the home theater setup should be regular drywall as they are a good fit for home theater setups. You should not focus too much on walls as they have little to no effect on the auditory experience.


The colour schemes for home theater setups should not be too bright. The darker the colours, the better as it helps absorb light and create a cinema’s dim illusion.

The best home theater systems in Pakistan feature dark tones and dim shades.


The Screen


The screen is the most important part of a home theater setup


The crown jewel of a home theater setup is the screen. The screen can make or break the setup as it is where you visualise the movie magic.

The options you have are either opting for a high-quality projector or an LED Screen. Each has pros and cons, so you should select the one that suits your needs.




A projector offers flexibility in a home setup


A projector’s foremost benefit is that it offers very large screen sizes. Projectors can reach screen sizes upwards of 120 inches diagonally. Projectors often can’t produce high contrast ratios due to the nature of their operation.

A high contrast ratio means the difference between the deepest black and the whitest white. Deep blacks add more clarity to darker screens and create a rich picture.

High-quality projectors are expensive and require a high-quality screen to project on. The projection screen adds to the cost.

A low-quality screen can ruin the experience of a good projector. To replicate some of the best home theater systems in Pakistan, a projector is a must-have.

Projectors are hard to maintain as they require bulb changes. However, newer projector bulbs have longer life cycles, which means that for casual viewing, you do not have to change the bulbs for a few years.


LED Screen


LED Screen are a budget addition to a home Theater


Traditional Led screens are getting cheaper every day. They offer incredible value for money and are easier to maintain. LED screens can offer infinite contrast ratios if you choose OLED.

They offer high refresh rates and are more viable in a living room setup with natural lighting. Led screens are also cheaper if you opt for traditional options.

LED screens offer flexibility and can also be used as gaming monitors. These screens are constantly improving at a very rapid rate, and they will get cheaper over time.

A good LED can also act as a living room tv, while a projector is solely reserved for movies.




Sound system is an essential part of the experience


A good sound system can make all the difference as the auditory stimulation is integral to the cinema experience.

Sound systems come in all shapes and sizes. It’s best to know what you want so you don’t spend more than you need to. Knowing what you want helps you avoid wasting money on a subpar, cheap setup.

Most surround sound setups come in 5.1 or 7.1 configurations. The numbers before the period signify the number of channels or speakers in the system, and the number after the period means the number of subwoofers in the setup.

A 7.2 setup means that there are 7 speakers and 2 subwoofers. A 5.1 system is adequate for most people.

Soundbars are good enough for most people as they have improved significantly over a few years. Soundbars now offer Dolby Atmos support.

They offer virtual surround sound that can simulate a 5.1 traditional setup. The best home theater systems in Pakistan generally utilise 7.1 configurations.


Pro Tips When Designing a Home Theater

Designing a home theater yourself is entirely possible if you avoid a few caveats being a beginner. There are some pro tips that you should keep in mind while designing your home theater setup.


Plan Ahead

It’s better to plan around certain things you can not change, such as windows in a room. A well-thought-out home theater beforehand can save you a lot of hassle if you plan to make it up as you go.


Research The Equipment

If you plan on relying on what the sound consultant in a store is telling you, you can either get great advice or get scammed, depending on the expertise of the person you’re talking to.

Researching the equipment can help you save money and get you a better system according to your preferences.


Pre Route The Cables or Go Wireless

There are a lot of cables in a home theater setup that can quickly pile up and create a mess. It’s better to pre-route the cables to avoid a mess. If cables bother you or you don’t want to hide a mess under the carpet, consider going wireless.
Future Proof Your Equipment

A home theater system is an investment that can be built upon. If you purchase good speakers and maintain them thoroughly, they should last a decade. The system’s receivers can be changed per technology needs, or more speakers can be added to the existing setup, so make sure you invest wisely and plan for the future.

A home theater needs to be heard and seen to understand its significance. It’s something that can transform your viewing experience. Use this guide to get the best home theater system. For more tips, visit our blog.

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