Bring the ICC Cricket World Cup to your Home

Cricket has always been a passion for every nation, whereas every team is the epitome of national pride. With the ICC World Cup 2019 only 8 days away, it is every cricketers dream to not only represent their team at the World Cup, but to be a part of the ‘World Cup’ winning team. For only one nation, the dream comes true; but for every other it remains just… a dream. As much as your team needs support on field, off field support is equally essential. As all of us can’t be present at the venue, what’s stopping you guys from making every moment enjoyable at home? Today, let’s talk about feeling equally victorious, for we can easily get in the spirit of cricket with zest, while being at home and secondly, make a quick prayer that the Pakistani cricket team emerges to be victorious so that we literally mean it when we chant ‘Humain tum say piyar hai’.

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‘Beamer’ cricket essentials:

Being too much indulged in cricket, we usually forget to make the most of that time. So for starters, don’t worry! Be happy! For you can enjoy every moment and be the off field support your team needs. Starting off by praying, our team really needs it guys. Why not go all out with all sorts of decorations? Decorating your lounge space for cricket is a ‘dolly’.

Suit up:
Green, for Pakistan is not a color but a feeling. A feeling of nationalism. A feeling uniting us, a jersey tying us together. So for starters, get your hands on those jersey. To feel every bit of the fight and emerge out victorious, you need a uniform. To feel every bit of the emotion, get the jerseys.

Wave the flag:

The next essential is not only indispensable, but it is our Identity. Our green and our white. Our flag. It’s the representation of our national loyalty to our team, to our country. So ‘flag’s up’ for completing our look, our homes.

For indoor or outdoor cricket madness a proper screening is very essential. You could either view the cricket matches of your television screens, or arrange a projector and screens. If either is unavailable or if you want to order both, the easiest way is online. In this era of modernity, ordering and receiving anything and almost everything is very easy. Go to trusted and verified online stores and order away. If you’re worried about the prices, don’t panic as there is massive range. So plan your budgets and order away. The projectors and screens are available in all sizes, types and resolutions- ready to cater your needs with the prices ranging from Rupees 5000/- to rupees 20,000/-.
So, Happy Screening!

Open-air screening:
Moving towards celebrating cricket matches, invite a few friends or family over to truly live the moment and for that, projector screening is a must for outdoor viewing.

For the perfect decorations there are a few basics needed. Starting by ordering a projector and a screen, hopefully with a tripod. These are all easily available and affordable, depending on the quality. Moving forward, spread out a large plastic sheet in your laws, to prevent things from getting wet from the dew. On that plastic sheet, spread out carpets or rugs to give a more comfy feeling. Place a couple of mattresses on those rugs. You can go out in a couple of ways to achieve a chic look. Since this is more of a combined celebration, place the mattress at right angles to each other. Covering the three sides in front of the screen. Lay out a table in front of the screen and keep all the foods and drinks o that table. As the match starts, enjoy!

Imagine this whole scenario as a cricket match… The stage has been set. The biggest fight in the history of world cup. The teams facing the showdown, the host vs the invitees/ spectators.

Pitch conditions: ditching conventional ways of watching the world-cup.
Target: changing the ambience whilst making everyone happy.
Weather conditions: cloudy with a chance of not being able to rise up to the mark.

As the players step in the ground, it’s a massacre. The fight of their lives. As soon as the invitees take over the field, the host game plan is to make the most of the night by proving fun on a whole new level. Depending on the conditions, the host taking up balling first, set the field in terms of décor. With perfection oozing out of everything, the host goes for a Yorker. And if you’re lucky enough, with the invitees having all the fun, it’s a ‘golden duck’ for the host. Blown away by just seeing the décor set up just for the night and them.

For winning the match, don’t forget to pray. After winning the situation being as such, a good all-round performance by the host. They batted, fielded and bowled exceptionally well and gave their friends and family a run for their money and they went through the mighty invitees. No one could stand up against the pace bowling of the host.
Hosts win the match by setting the field extraordinarily, in their homes!

p.s. don’t forget to pray for the Pakistani cricket team guys. Let’s bring this cup home.

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