Building by-laws to be implemented in private housing societies

11-11-2019(9) (9)

ISLAMABAD: A total of 965 building plans were approved out of the 1100 building plans submitted for approval by the Building Control Directorate- II, CDA as it campaigned for the implementation of building bylaws and regulations in the private housing societies of the city.

Residential building plans of the private housing societies are being approved in the first phase. The second phase ensures approval of building plans for a commercial building on the issuance of notification of these bylaws, as approved by the Federal Cabinet on the recommendations of Federal Commission for the review of master plans.

In this regard, notices have been issued to building owners in Sector E-11upon violation.

The initiative was supported by the residents of the private housing societies, as they indicated to CDA for its non-confirmation use in these private housing societies and prevent the residential houses and area from commercial use

Legal actions against the violators/ non-confirming users are already underway by the Building Control Directorate – II Authority as they received complaints.

Legal action proceedings will take place after expiry of the notice period/ time as building bylaws and regulations in these private housing societies are being enforced.

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