Built-up property claims in sector C-15 to be challenged by CDA

ISLAMABAD:        The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed has directed the authority to challenge the built-up property (BUP) claims in sector C-15, after they were included in the sector’s award list, sources said.

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The matter of 200 claims will be challenged before the Islamabad deputy commissioner.

Objection to these BUP claims was originally raised by Former Director Land Malik Touqueer Nawaz in March, as he maintained that CDA cannot take care of these properties in principle. His stance subsequently raised a question that if the CDA rules do not allow maintenance of these BUP claims, why the court of the CDA’s deputy commissioner passed them in the first place.

The stance was yet again rejected by the existing CDA chairman who too has decided to challenge the cases before the deputy commissioner.

Sources revealed that CDA officials opine that these cases should rather be inquired by National Accountability Bureau and the Federal Investigation Agency, as reportedly, several officials were involved in facilitating plot purchase and other compensation in C-15 through the court of the deputy commissioner.

These officials were served show-cause notices by the land director in February this year, which disputed the entire matter of these BUPs.


BUP Award in Sector C-15

The BUP award for the sector was announced in 2016. Out of the total of 504 claimants, 167 were placed on list ‘A’, after they provided all the requisite information, while 337 were placed on list ‘B’, who were asked for requisite information. However, during the review cases, the deputy commissioner’s court included additional more than 200 cases in the award list, which would now be challenged in the said court by the CDA.

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