Essential Items for Your Car Emergency Kit

If you’re not yet aware of the importance of car emergency kits, you’re at the right place.

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Going out on the road might not always be a fun adventure, especially when you have to face unfortunate circumstances such as traffic jams, car accidents, or sickness. For this, you’ll need to work on making a car emergency kit.

Emergencies occur anywhere without any prior warnings, which is why you should always be prepared to tackle them.

Most people are not sure what to add things to their car emergency kits.— Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you a complete list of essential items to carry with you in your car.


Table of Contents

  1. Why Car Emergency Kits Are a Necessity
  2. List of Essential Items to Keep in Your Car 

          2.1 Spare Tyre
          2.2 Basic Toolkit
          2.3 Medical First Aid Box
          2.4 Emergency Flashlights
          2.5 Reflective Triangles
          2.6 Working Internet
          2.7 Snow Chain
          2.8 Physical Road Map
          2.9 Phone Charger or Powerbank
          2.10 Mineral Water Bottle

    3. Where in the Car Should You Keep Your Emergency Kit?


Why Car Emergency Kits Are a Necessity


interior view while driving a car on the road


Whether you’re travelling to the grocery store or taking a long road trip, at the end of the day, cars are just machines, and machinery always has the risk of malfunctioning. In such cases, being stuck in the middle of the road is not exactly convenient for anyone.

To tackle such emergencies, car kits can save you time and money. You can easily use a spare tire to change a flat tire, check the brake oil and wiring, and use a first aid box in case of an accident. Car emergency kits are a great safety measure to save yourself from trouble.


List of Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

Following is a complete list of the most common items that are an essential element for your car journeys. 


No. List of ItemsDescription for Items
1Spare TyreAn extra tire of the (preferably) same type as tyres installed.
2Basic ToolkitSocket Set, Wire Cutters and Pliers,
Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Torque Wrench, Breaker Bar
3Medical First Aid BoxAntiseptics, Antibiotics, Adhesive Bandages,
Gauze Rolls, Medical Tape, Scissors, Painkillers, Nitroglycerin
4Emergency FlashlightsBattery charged torchlights
5Reflective Triangles
6Internet DeviceVast-spread coverage internet device
7Snow ChainsChains to cover tires in the snow to prevent slipping.
8Physical Road MapFor Directions
9Phone Charger/ PowerbankCharger attached in car or Power Bank (Keep Safe from Heat)
10Mineral Water Bottle


Spare Tyre


spare tyre being rolled for replacing flat tyre in car


You can never be sure of your car tyres for when they go flat on the road. Thus, you should always maintain a spare tyre in your car’s trunk if you want to be ready for a roadside situation with a flat tyre. 

Check to see if it is intact and adequately inflated since it will be the only thing that can replace your deflated tyre and keep you moving forward on your adventure. 

In such circumstances, an emergency safety kit for your car with a jack and a wheel wrench will be useful for you to change the tire.


Basic Toolkit


Tool hardware store. Closeup of male hand holding wrenches and spanners. Auto repair kit in toolbox. Repairman instruments for car tool kit


One of the most crucial ways to be ready for roadside situations is to carry an emergency toolkit in your vehicle. 

Combination wrenches, a set of sockets, a wheel wrench, a few screwdrivers, a jack, and various pairs of pliers should be included in your basic toolbox. These tools help a lot in changing spare tyres, checking up the engine, or just any plain emergency that your car may face.  


Medical First Aid Box


portable first aid box to keep for medical emergencies in car


Your car’s first-aid kit should include a variety of medical supplies and bandages. This is to cater to any unfortunate incidents that might occur on the road or even to help someone along the way who is injured.

You can add the following things to the medical box:

  • Band-aids
  • Cotton balls
  • Antiseptic ointments
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Surgical tape
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Pain relief ointments
  • Cold packs
  • Tweezers

The above-listed items, in addition to a blood pressure meter, should be on the list of essentials for your car’s first-aid kit.


Emergency Flashlights


Person holing a flashlight in the forest


There can be times in the middle of the night when you may face an unforeseen incident. In such cases, flashlights are a life-saver.

You can ensure that the materials in your automobile emergency kit include enough batteries so that you can quickly restore any broken parts of your vehicle or swap a deflated tyre for a spare.


Reflective Triangles


reflective triangle drawn from car emergency kit in snow


A reflective triangle should be included in your car emergency kit. These are especially handy at night and can be seen by other cars from miles away. 

This alerts incoming traffic that you might need assistance. For your car’s improved visibility, you can set a reflective triangle on the road a few feet away from it.


Internet Device


portable internet device


In Pakistan, 3G and 4G internet services are widely accessible on SIM cards and other mobile broadband devices. 

On-the-go high-speed internet connectivity is made possible by these portable devices. This is why one of the essential items you require for your car emergency pack is a functioning internet connection. 

Since you can use several social media platforms to update people on your whereabouts, it is one of the best ways to successfully prepare for a road disaster.


Snow Chains


snow chains wrapped around tyres in snow


If you’re travelling to a colder area that may experience heavy snowfall, you might as well be aware of the risks that come with it. Snow makes it very difficult for cars to travel on the road, as the path becomes slippery. 

For this, snow chains are the first thing you should keep in your car. The chains are specifically designed for tyres and help create friction on the snow-laden roads. These are especially important to take along in your car emergency kit if you’re travelling in winters.


Physical Road Map


Picture of Printed Maps


There are fewer opportunities to get lost these days when travelling because practically every other route is available on google maps. 

However, if your internet goes down or your smart device stops functioning, things may get really bad. A printed road map is, therefore, one of the most essential tools you should have in an emergency safety kit.

You can simply google the destination before your trip and take a printout to take along the way, especially if you’re going to a new place.


Phone Charger/ Powerbank


Power bank from your car emergency kit to charge your phone


Travel chargers are readily accessible on the market and are made expressly to keep the battery in your phone charged while you are travelling. They are essential items for your car emergency kit, along with power banks. 

You can quickly plug in travel chargers to the electrical switch on your car’s dashboard. Fully charging your mobile phones and power banks before you leave for your intended road trip is one of the finest methods to get ready for unexpected roadside situations.

However, it is important to note here that power banks should be carefully taken along and not left unattended in the car especially under sunlight and in heat. 

This is because power banks tend to heat up and eventually explode, so careful handling is crucial. 


Mineral Water Bottle


water bottle for car rides


It is advised to keep at least a gallon of water on hand. If not, keep water bottles that are the same size. 

The trunk of your car might have enough room to accommodate all those water bottles. The availability of water is vital for your health.

If you are stuck in a deserted place waiting for assistance, it might keep you from dehydrating and help you survive for days. So, while working on advice for how to be ready for roadside emergencies, don’t forget to include mineral water bottles in your car’s emergency kit.


Where in Car Should You Keep Your Emergency Kit?

Car emergency kits are usually placed in the back trunk, which helps save space on the seats. The spare tyre is fixed under the seat, or some cars even have a designated space for that in the back. 

You don’t have to crowd your car with such stuff. You can create a small bag and compile everything together. This way, everything is organised in one place and kept at the back of the car. Things like water bottles, power banks, etc. are items that you’ll need on every road trip.

For the rest of the things, you’ll only need them in case of emergencies. 

These are some excellent tips that can help you a lot in your car rides and save you from unwarranted trouble on the road. For mor information, visit Graana Blog.

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