CDA allocates Rs80mn for street lights maintenance


ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allocated a budget of Rs80mn for the maintenance of street lights to ensure maximum illumination at night.

CDA spokesperson revealed that the Street Light Department would be responsible for repairing and installing new street lights and transformers where needed. The maintenance would take place on all major streets, markets, highways, link roads, and intersections.

In this regard, CDA Chairman Aamer Ali Ahmed ensured full-fledged support to the street light division to amplify the capital’s security and safe commuting at night, he added.

The tender for the operation would be published soon via national newspapers before its commencement.

In the allocated budget, Rs20mn had been assigned for installing new street lights in the sectors I-14/2 and I-14/3, the connecting road from GT Road to Haj Complex, and all major highways.

Rs16mn had been assigned for sector I-16, Rs11mn for sector I-10 from Victory Pipe Industrial Area to Faqir Appi Road, and Rs19mn for lights instalments in sector I-11/2.

Furthermore, CDA had decided to allocate Rs11mn for installing modern lights in the sectors I-14/1, I-14/3 and I-14/4. Lastly, Rs7mn had been allocated for installing new street lights in the H-11 sector encompassing NUST Gate No. 1 and Srinagar Highway.