CDA assigns Sihala Flyover Project to FWO

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has terminated the Sihala Flyover Contract with a private company and assigned it to Frontier Work Organisation (FWO).

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Sources further revealed that on Tuesday, FWO had received a signed agreement in this regard from CDA.

The Sihala Flyover will be located on Kahuta Road. The project with a value of Rs770mn was previously assigned to a private company last year with a stipulated deadline of one year.

However, the company failed to even kickstart the project and later gave it up due to a “hike in construction material prices”.

FWO, however, has now accepted the contract on the same terms and conditions.

An official from CDA’s engineering wing claimed the new contractor would commence the work after Eid and would meet the 1-year deadline.

Last year, in July, at the groundbreaking ceremony of the flyover project, the private company had also won the contract of Rawal Dam and Korang Bridge alongside Sihala Flyover in the shape of a joint venture (JV).

The JV failed to perform on its deadlines and the CDA has allocated the other two projects to FWO as well.

Korang Bridge had aggravated traffic flow on the expressway by the conversion of four lanes into two lanes. The project was granted a 4-month extension but to no avail. As for Rawal Dam Interchange Project, only 50% of work has been covered so far whereas the pending deadline is October 2022.

The engineer further said, “All three projects will be executed simultaneously but the main focus will be on the Rawal Dam project as 50% of work is already covered.”

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