CDA Authorities Take Urgent Measures to Tackle Water Shortage Crisis

CDA Water Wing

Islamabad: Under the directives of the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), rapid efforts are underway by the Water Management Wing to address water shortages in the city. Various projects are being expedited to ensure uninterrupted water supply to citizens and mitigate any potential difficulties.

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As per the instructions of the CDA Chairman, the Water Management Wing has completed all maintenance work. It has addressed complaints such as leakages, including the replacement of old and worn-out pipes in the Smiley Water Filtration Plant and the main conduits. It is noteworthy that timely actions by the Water Supply Wing have not only resulted in saving 800,000 gallons of water daily but have also increased water pressure in the aforementioned pipelines.

Furthermore, leakage complaints in Sector G-7/3 have been resolved. However, due to the lack of desired rainfall in the region, the water levels in dams, including the Khanpur Dam, have significantly decreased. Therefore, efforts are underway around the clock to address water shortages before the onset of the hot season, ensuring adequate water supply to citizens.

Additionally, the installation of four new tube wells in Sectors F-10, F-11, G-10, and G-11 will commence soon to alleviate water shortages using tube wells in case of depleted reserves in the Khanpur Dam. Tenders have been published to tackle water scarcity before the arrival of the hot season.

Moreover, work will soon begin to eliminate water leakages in other water networks, including main conduits, costing 600 million rupees. This aims to maximize water conservation.

In light of the current situation, the Water Supply Wing has also alerted the Water Tanker Service. A helpline number 9202218 has been issued for citizens’ assistance, and complaints can also be registered via WhatsApp at 0335775444. Ensuring timely resolution of received complaints is a priority.

Citizens are urged to use water cautiously, and strict actions are being taken against those wasting water to ensure the preservation of water reserves.

In conclusion, citizens are encouraged to be vigilant with water usage, and stringent measures are being implemented against water wastage to safeguard water reserves.

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