CDA Collaborates with Private Sector for Massive Tree Plantation Drive in Islamabad

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Islamabad: In a significant endeavor to enhance Islamabad’s green landscape, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has joined hands with private sector partners, with Jazz taking a prominent role in this commendable initiative.

The event, which unfolded in the F-6/2 sector of Islamabad, featured the active participation of Captain (Retired) Anwar ul Haq, Chairman CDA, and the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad.

One of the noteworthy aspects of this remarkable event was the enthusiastic engagement of dedicated employees from Jazz, who took the lead in planting an impressive array of over 2,500 Amaltas trees (Cassia fistula). Their active involvement serves as a testament to Jazz’s unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.

Captain (R) Anwar ul Haq, leading the Capital Development Authority, underscored the pivotal role of public-private collaborations in advancing eco-friendly initiatives. He expressed deep satisfaction at the proactive involvement of private enterprises like Jazz in Islamabad’s eco-conscious endeavors, considering it a highly promising development. Captain Anwar ul Haq further emphasized that such partnerships have the potential to elevate the city’s amenities to unprecedented heights.

In his directives for this collaborative venture, Captain Anwar ul Haq stressed the importance of extending every possible support to private sector participants, with Jazz leading the way. Notably, he highlighted the decision to introduce larger-sized plants instead of smaller saplings.

This strategic choice ensures that the selected flora blends seamlessly with the local environment, thus accelerating the growth rate of these green ambassadors. This holistic approach reflects a commitment not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Islamabad but also to nurture its ecological sustainability.

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