CDA ensures beautification on Srinagar Highway

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has ensured beautification work on the Srinagar Highway, giving an entirely new look to visitors. 

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As per the details, the beautification work is mainly focused on planting trees and flowers and carrying out landscaping without cement, sand, and other construction material. 

The project has been locked under the Clean Green Pakistan project initiated by the former government. 

It is pertinent to state that evergreen flowering plants have been planted on the Highway besides fulfilling road safety requirements according to international practices.

Moreover, big and small flower pots have also been placed at prominent locations. The colourful flowers in these pots show the beauty of the spring season.

It merits mentioning here that whenever the political events are organised on main roads instead of specific locations, the participants usually damage the natural beauty by damaging plants and flowers. Recently, the authorities made the Srinagar Highway signal-free, with the Islamabad Traffic Police stating that an estimate of 115,000 vehicles used the artery for daily commute.

Overall, 100,000 ‘man hours’ of commuters are saved due to the Highway’s better planning and management. As per the civic authority, the beautification of the capital is an ongoing process, and the plantation of plants and flowers is part of the Clean Green Pakistan project.

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