CDA Introduces Fast-Track Building Plan Approvals for Citizens

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Islamabad: The Building Control Directorate of the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad has launched an innovative fast-track service, revolutionizing the process of providing amenities to citizens. Commencing on Monday, the CDA is now ensuring swift approval of building plans at the facilitation center.

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Under this modernized system, residential buildings of 356 yards will receive approval within 2 days, accompanied by an additional fee of 20,000 thousand and the required documents. Larger residential buildings over 356 yards will be approved with a fee of 30,000 thousand.

Furthermore, commercial buildings up to 10,000 square yards will also receive approval within 3 days. A dedicated desk has been established for these matters, eliminating the need for citizens to stand in separate lines. Comfortable seating arrangements have been provided for citizens visiting the center.

Upon receiving a token, individuals utilizing the fast-track service can proceed to the relevant desk based on their number, expediting the processing of their case.

With the introduction of the fast-track service, citizens at the CDA Facilitation Center will experience reduced waiting times and avoid standing in long queues. Once the necessary paper documents are complete, there will be no unnecessary delays, and cases will be approved promptly. Notably, the Fast Track Services initiative is the first of its kind in the country, with plans to extend its scope to other desks in the future.

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