CDA kickstarts development work in E-12

ISLAMABAD: Following an intensive operation of state land retrieval, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) finally kickstarted development work in the E-11 sector over the weekend.

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The sector’s pending development dates back to 1989 when it was first launched. The plot holders still await the possession of their respective lands.

It is pertinent to state that last year, CDA awarded development contracts in E-12 subsectors encompassing the construction of streets, drainage systems, sewerage and water supply, and roads. However, due to local landlords’ resistance, the work couldn’t be completed in the stipulated period of one year.

In subsector 2, only 11% of work has been accomplished, and in subsector 3, only 17%. However, with the support of police and magisterial cover, the enforcement wing was able to retrieve the conflicted state land.

A CDA engineer reported, “Today, we have restarted development work. We were directed to complete the work in the shortest possible time. And meanwhile, the tendering process of awarding work in subsector 4, is in its final stage and soon we will start development work there too. Later on, we will do this in subsector 1,”.

The official further added that bidders had lined up for subsector 4 development and the lowest bidder would be selected soon.

He further revealed that the operation faced resistance but it was curbed with the help of police. It is relevant to note that due to a dispute between CDA and the villagers, over 4000 people had been awaiting possession of their respective plots.

Last year, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) directed CDA to resolve the dispute by clearing the compensation to the villagers. The CDA’s Land and Estate Wing had allotted over 282 plots to the public through the National Database and Regulation Authority (NADRA).

The official concluded, “The allotment letters should be issued without any delay to win the confidence of locals. Whereas remaining claims of locals should also be cleared as soon as possible to get possession of the entire sector”.

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