CDA launches development of Sector I-15

NEWS July 28 (1)

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched development activities to uplift Sector I-15.

In this regard, the camp office was set up and a contractor was mobilized that will carry out the developmental activities in the sector.

Under this project, the survey and demarcation work was kicked off, after which earthwork on road infrastructure and other development works will be initiated.

Other facilities including drainage and sewerage systems, provision of electricity and water supply will be set up after the construction of roads.

The authorities have been directed to complete the survey and demarcation work within a period of two weeks, to initiate the construction of stores.

The sector I-15 was launched particularly to accommodate the low-income citizens.

Prior to this, the lowest bidder i.e. M/s Niaz and Brothers were awarded to carry out the first phase of development work at Sector I-15, at a cost 25% below the total estimate.

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