CDA Launches Redesigned Website with New Online Property Verification Service

CDA Website Launch

Islamabad: In a ceremony held at the CDA headquarters on Friday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) launched its new website as part of a digital transformation initiative. The event was attended by the Chairman of CDA, board members, representatives from the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, and officials from relevant organizations.

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During the ceremony, the CDA Chairman emphasized the use of technology to enhance service delivery within the organization. He highlighted the significance of the website’s implementation as a crucial step towards digitalization. The Chairman mentioned that land and state records are also being digitized to issue secure allotment and transfer letters, reducing the risks of forgery and tampering in records.


CDA Website Launch


As part of the initiatives, a systematic tree management system has been introduced, and for the first time, data related to all trees and plants will be digitized using field forces and satellite imagery. This will facilitate the identification of barren lands, ensuring the removal of illegal constructions in Islamabad and allowing necessary interventions and afforestation.

The website is expected to be fully operational in a few days. With the introduction of the new online property verification system (OPVS), overseas Pakistanis will have increased confidence in property transactions. With OPVS, a thorough verification process, and examining legal documents and ownership records with accuracy and reliability are now a single step away.

OPVS features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation, letting users explore properties, access verified data, and make well-informed investment decisions effortlessly. With the robust database and meticulous verification process of OPVS, CDA has made it easier to access accurate information on layout plan approvals, competent authority details, and property details. 


Chairman CDA with Chairman IMARAT Group of Companies


Furthermore, the new website will offer all CDA services online, reducing the need for citizens to visit CDA offices. Tendering processes will also be conducted online, ensuring improved efficiency and transparency in operations.

Additionally, citizens can pay their water bills, property taxes, and other dues online through the new website. Historical data of outstanding dues for the past twenty years has also been updated on the platform. The new website aims to make all CDA rules and regulations easily accessible to every citizen with just one click. Various forms and documents of the CDA will now be available online.

Following the launch of the website, bookings for various events in different locations of Islamabad, including ceremonies, photoshoots, and Simli Dam bookings, can be made online. The inclusion of a feedback option is designed to enhance the agency’s performance and improve citizen facilities.

In an effort to enhance performance and provide better citizen services, a feedback option has also been incorporated by CDA.

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