CDA mulls converting H-16 into residential sector for affectees

CDA mulls converting H-16 into residential sector for affectees

ISLAMABAD: For those owners whose lands have been acquired by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and are entitled to alternate plots, the civic body is considering converting H-16 from an educational sector to a residential one.

This was confirmed by CDA spokesperson Syed Safdar Ali, who said that changing the status of H-16 from educational to residential is “currently under consideration”, adding that this measure was being taken to accommodate affected people.

Officials in CDA have reportedly said that affected populace from Chauntra village in the north of sectors E-10 and D-11 would be relocated to H-16.

The civic authority will have to resolve over a thousand built-up property cases of people from the areas in which land has been acquired, following which the relocation will take place.

While no timeline has been given for the move, the proposal would be presented to the CDA board and will be then forwarded to the cabinet for final approval, as the latter is deemed a competent authority to approve any changes in the master plan.

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