CDA receives lowest bid of Rs.1274.548 million for parking plaza in Blue Area

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ISLAMABAD: The management of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to start construction of a Parking Plaza in the Blue Area to resolve parking problems particularly in the business centre and to provide quality facilities of parking to the residents of the city.

According to the details, the bids for the construction of a parking plaza have been opened on Monday and the lowest bid of Rs.1274.548 million was received from NLC.

According to details, the car parking plaza will be constructed near Savor Foods along Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area Islamabad.

The parking area will be able to accommodate 1300 vehicles at any given time and be a source of income for CDA. Open-air restaurants will be established on the fifth floor and shops on the ground floor that will eventually generate more revenue for CDA.


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