CDA Reclaims 33 Acres of Illegal Land in Islamabad Crackdown

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Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) Enforcement Directorate has successfully reclaimed 33 acres of land from illegal occupants in an ongoing operation against encroachments.

According to details, as part of the crackdown on trespassing on Monday, the operation extended to plot number M-1 of the Industrial Triangle in Kahota. It was revealed that the land mafia had unlawfully held possession of this plot for over three years, and it has now been reclaimed through a comprehensive enforcement action.

Furthermore, the estimated value of the 33 acres of reclaimed land is approximately 6 billion Pakistani Rupees. This operation saw the participation of Deputy Director General of Enforcement Department, Deputy Commissioner of CDA, officials from relevant departments, Islamabad administration, and Islamabad Police.

It is important to note that the Capital Development Authority is actively engaged in operations against illegal constructions and encroachments. As a result, government land worth billions of Rupees has been successfully reclaimed. The operation against illegal occupants on government land will continue as part of an ongoing series of actions.

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