CDA requested to hand over two sectors for provision of clean water

CDA requested to hand over two sectors for provision of clean water

Islamabad: In order to provide clean drinking water to the citizens of the federal capital, Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has sought the approval of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to install filtration plants in two sectors.

Depending on the success of the initiative, the council will further extend the facility to all the sectors in the city to ensure that the residents receive potable water in abundance.

“PCRWR has decided to install its own filtration plants in two sectors of federal capital, if CDA agrees, to prevent the citizens from drinking contaminated or unsafe water causing serious health hazards,” said PCRWR Chairman Dr Muhammad Ashraf.

“If we start drinking water of our own filtration plants, the problem of clean drinking water will be resolved to a large extent,” he added.

Currently, PCRWR holds the charge to monitor the quality of drinking water, educate the provinces and handles the possible initiatives to rectify the issue of unsafe drinking water.

Provision of clean and safe drinking water by 2030 is among the top 10 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were established by United Nations General Assembly in 2015 and were adopted by Pakistan through a unanimous resolution passed by the Parliament.

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