CDA requests communal land record for three sectors


ISLAMABAD: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad, Khalid Masood Satti, has requested the revenue department to give him information about communal land in three areas. 

As per details, he wrote a letter on March 10 saying that land in Sectors C-13, D-13, and E-1 was acquired in 2008 but the amount of communal land in the areas had not been determined. This meant that landowners who were seeking compensation from the CDA could not receive benefits. 

There were also allegations that the CDA had already given out some plots of land without getting the correct information from the revenue department. 

Someone from the CDA had asked for a high-level committee to be formed to look at the records for these three areas because they suspected fraud and tampering with the records. 

Reports said that some of the records had been stolen from the revenue office, and an investigation was underway.

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