CDA reserves land to establish graveyards in the rural areas

CDA reserves land to establish graveyards in the rural areas

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allotted over 105.5 acres of land for four graveyards in rural areas of the capital.

To accommodate the growth and burial requirements of the people of rural areas, graveyards would be established in Humak Model Town, National Park Area, Ali Pur Farsh, and Lakhwal area.

The step has been appreciated by the people of the aforementioned areas who were faced with difficulties in the burial rites of their loved ones.

With an increase in the number of new settlers in the rural areas, the congestion has led to various problems. These new settlers are specifically affected by this problem, as they cannot find space to bury their loved ones. With already established graveyards reaching maximum capacity, the necessity of new graveyards has become apparent.

CDA management directed the Planning wing to conduct a study to find locations which will cover the whole rural area of the city. The four sites identified were approved during the meeting of the CDA board last month. The reserved sites include 100 Kanal in Bharakahu, 342 Kanal in Kuri, 258 Kanal in Mouza Lakhwal, 50 Kanal in Humak and 90 Kanal in Ali Pur Farash.

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