CDWP approves development projects worth Rs31 billion

CDWP has approved eight projects worth Rs31.6 billion and has recommended five projects worth Rs195.1 billion to ECNEC for approval.

ISLAMABAD: Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has approved eight projects worth Rs31.6 billion and has recommended five projects worth Rs195.1 billion to (Executive Committee of the National Economic Council) ECNEC for approval.

The approval came in a meeting held in Islamabad which was presided over by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan.

Projects relation to Physical Planning, Food and Agriculture, Education, Energy, Governance, Health Industries and Commerce, and Devolution and Area Development were presented in the meeting.

According to a press release, a project related to Devolution and Area Development namely “Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project (SPPAP)” amounting to Rs15524.58 million was referred to ECNEC. The projects aim at poverty alleviation in the Southern Punjab region.

Two projects related to Education were presented in the meeting. The projects namely “Establishment and Operation of Basic Education Community Schools” worth Rs5194.558 million and “Improving Human Development Indicators in Pakistan with focus on MDGS is relating to education and six EFA Goals” worth Rs3306.024 million were approved in the meeting with a directive that Ministry of Balochistan will not provide or make any amendments to either of the projects.

Four projects related to Energy were presented in the meeting with two receiving approval and the rest being recommended to ECNEC.

The approved projects were the “500 kV Chakwal substation” worth Rs8956.39 million and the “Hydropower & Renewable Energy-II, Gilgit Baltistan (KFW)” worth Rs2260.194.

Two projects related to Governance were also recommended to the ECNEC.

A project related to Health namely “Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Medical Equipment for three Hospitals in Afghanistan including 60-bed Nishtar Kidney Hospital, Jalalabad, 200 bed Jinnah Hospital, Kabul, and 100 bed Naib Amanullah Khan Logari Hospital, Logar” worth Rs2355.537 million was approved by CDWP.

A project in the domain of Physical Planning and Housing was also presented in the meeting namely “Construction of three Sewerage Treatment Plants and Related Sewerage System to Treat the Waste Water Falling into Korang River, Rawal Lake and Their Area of ICT” worth Rs3971.35 million” was also approved by the CDWP.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from federal and provincial governments.

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