CDWP approves projects worth Rs49.65bn


ISLAMABAD: In a meeting of the Planning Commission’s Central Development Working Party (CDWP) presided over by Deputy Chairman Dr. Jahanzeb Khan, various development schemes were approved at a cost of Rs49.65 billion.

The approved projects include the establishment of the Mangi Dam in Quetta, remodelling and expansion of the Chitral-Booni-Mastuj-Shandur road and procuring 25 shunting diesel-electric locomotives. 

In addition, the committee also discussed the budget for the development and expansion of the Chitral-Booni-Mastuj-Shandur road project – shared by Chairman NHA. As per plan, the project will be completed in four phases. Under the first phase, Chitral Town will witness up-gradation and extension of road infrastructure. While the roadway would be stretched from Booni (38 km) in the second phase, from Booni to Shaidas (8 km) in the third phase and lastly from Shaidas to Shandur in the fourth phase (114 km)

Quetta would receive 8.1 mgd (15.1 cusecs) of water from the dam. Balochistan’s government officials were directed by the chair to give this initiative their utmost attention and complete it by June 2023.

Secretary of Ministry of Planning, the Secretary of Ministry of Railways, the Secretary of the Ministry of Communication, Chairman National Highway Authority (NHA), and other senior officials attended the meeting.


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