Cement sales increases to 29.94% in June 2020

LAHORE: The cement sales jumped 29.94%, and were recorded at 4.623 million tons in June 2020, as compared to 3.557 million tons in June 2019, according to the data released by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA).

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The cement sales increased 19.63% domestically and were recorded at 3.835 million tons in June 2020, as compared to 3.206 million tons recorded in June 2019.

On the other hand, the exports recorded at 0.351 million tons in June 2019, jumped 123.89% to 0.787 million tons in June 2020.

The domestic cement consumption in the North was recorded at 3.384 million tons in June 2020 against 2.750 million tons recorded last year.

The exports from the north region fell to 46,025 tons in June 2020, as compared to 0.145 million tons in June 2019.

As the domestic consumption of south contracted from 0.455 million tons in June 2019 to 0.451 million tons, the exports increased and were recorded at 0.742 million tons in June 2020, from 0.206 million tons last year.

The overall cement consumption for Jul-Jun 2019-20 increased by 1.98% to 47.81 million tons. This increase was due to higher exports that increased by 19.8%, passing the seven-million-ton mark. On the contrary, the domestic consumption slipped by 1% in the Fiscal year 2020.

While comparing the cement manufacturing units in different zones, it was highlighted by the APCMA that the north region was stronger in domestic consumption and south region in exports.

As per the released data, around 34.327 million tons of cement was sold to the domestic market in the northern zone, recording a growth of 6.07% in FY20 as compared to last year.

The exports in the southern zone increased by 46.47% and were recorded at 5.877 million tons in June 2020.

While briefing on the released data, APCMA spokesperson said that the domestic growth highlighted the increase in demand, which assures better activity in the new fiscal year.

The increase was also credited to new incentives announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan for the construction industry.   

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