Cement sales reach a record-high of 5.735mn tons in October

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LAHORE: The cement sector recorded a peak in sales after dispatching 5.735 million tons to consumers and reaching an all-time high in October 2020.

The domestic consumption of cement surged 15.83% and was recorded at 4.859 million tons in October 2020, compared to 4.195 million tons recorded in October 2019, revealed the data released by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA).

The exports were recorded at 875,266 tons, marking an increase of 11.58% in October 2020, compared to 784,433 tons in October 2019.

Marking positive growth, cement mills in the northern region registered to dispatch 4.165 million tons to the domestic market in October 2020, surging 15.53% compared to 3.605 million tons in October 2019.

The cement mills in the north registered 8.54% higher exports at 0.283 million tons, as compared to exports of 0.261 million tons last year.

Following the trend, the cement mills in the south also recorded a 17.70% surge in domestic dispatches, as they increased to 695,221 tons in October 2020 from 590,690 tons in October 2019.

The exports in the region grew by 13.09% to 591,877 tons in October 2020, compared to 523,353 tons in October last year.

A record of 19.321 million tons of cement was dispatched in the first four months of the ongoing fiscal year 2020-21, recording an increase of 19.89%.

Recording a surge of 17.94%, the domestic sales in Jul-Oct 2020 were registered at 15.704 million tons, compared to13.315 million tons.

The exported cement also marked 29.15% growth rate and was recorded at 3.617 million tons, against 2.8 million tons last year.

The domestic sales in the southern region (Sindh and Balochistan) also increased 12.08% and were recorded at 2.085 million tons in the first four months this year, against 1.860 million tons last year.


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