Chairman CDA Addresses at the Monsoon Plantation Ceremony

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Islamabad: In a momentous achievement, Noor ul Amin Mengal, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), delivered a noteworthy address at the Monsoon Plantation Ceremony, highlighting the plantation of a record-breaking one million trees in Islamabad.

Expressing his gratitude, Chairman Mengal expressed his appreciation for the accomplishment and credited the collective efforts that made it possible. Out of the targeted goal of 1.6 million trees, six hundred thousand have already been planted, while the remaining are still being planted as part of the ongoing endeavor.

During his speech, Chairman Mengal emphasized the significant role of tree plantation in preserving the environment for the present and future generations. He underscored the importance of trees in mitigating the impact of rising temperatures and promoting a sustainable ecosystem.

In this regard, he stressed the necessity of collaborative efforts with the CDA across the country to further expand this initiative and ensure its long-term success.

Chairman Mengal also drew attention to an issue observed during Eid, where animals consumed the leaves of newly planted trees. He urged citizens to be mindful of the preservation of the trees and take necessary precautions to protect them, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Acknowledging the importance of maintaining a diverse and healthy tree population, Chairman Mengal announced a new policy requiring all trees to be planted at a minimum height of eight feet.

This decision aims to address previous concerns regarding the proliferation of pollen and diseases caused by certain tree species. Efforts are already underway to replace the problematic trees with suitable alternatives.

In further support of the green initiative, Chairman Mengal revealed that the Green Fund allocation for projects has been increased from 1% to 2%. This adjustment aims to provide additional resources for future tree plantation projects and further environmental conservation efforts.

Chairman Mengal extended his gratitude to Riphah University for their generous contribution of five thousand trees, which will significantly contribute to the ongoing tree plantation campaign.

Furthermore, Chairman Mengal pledged to establish new parks in the city for the enjoyment and relaxation of the citizens.

In recognition of his expertise and dedication, the CDA has successfully planted fifty thousand trees along Captain Karnal Sher Khan Avenue, and twenty-six thousand trees along Margalla Avenue.

The Chairman also encouraged corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and the active participation of civil society organizations, expressing confidence that their support and appreciation will bolster the ongoing efforts towards a greener and more sustainable Islamabad.

The Million Tree Plantation project under the leadership of Chairman Mengal showcases the commitment and determination of the CDA to create a greener and healthier environment for the residents of Islamabad.

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