An Overview of Commercial Avenue Islamabad 

At Commercial Avenue, DHA offers excellent business prospects in the center of DHA Valley, Islamabad. This development, which is conveniently positioned, serves both established companies and budding enterprises. Commercial Avenue offers large commercial plots (4 and 8 marla) and conveniently sized shops (12 x 25 feet).

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This outstanding location provides your business tremendous visibility and a ready customer base since it is flanked by DHA Homes and the nearby DHA Phase 2 Extension. It is the perfect location for business property investments. examines the possibilities of commercial properties and other investment options in this blog. 


Commercial Avenue: A Prime Location in DHA Valley, Islamabad

Not only is Commercial Avenue a development, but it also occupies a prime spot in Islamabad’s DHA Valley. Tucked away amongst DHA Homes, it provides a vital base for companies to grow. Because of its exceptional proximity to the DHA Phase 2 Extension and the DHA Valley, this great location puts retailers and business owners in a successful position.  

 However, the advantages go beyond being in the center. A further feature of Business Avenue is the variety of business plots available on different blocks: 

  • Loganville
  • Daffodils
  • Jasmine
  • Lily
  • Magnolia (Overseas Block)
  • Oleander
  • Rose
  • Sunflower (Overseas Block)
  • Tulip

Every block on Commercial Avenue has a distinct charm and business potential. Their clever placement greatly increases the value of the commercial plots, attracting investors looking for a premier location for their businesses. 



  • Situated in the center of the DHA Valley in Islamabad, surrounded by DHA residences, this location is central. Potential customers can easily access and see this prominent position.
  • Various Plot Sizes: It serves several industries with multiple plot sizes, including four- and eight-marla commercial plots (about 500 and 1000 square yards, respectively) and 12-by-25-foot stores.
  • Blocks: Within Commercial Avenue, the commercial plots are dispersed across several blocks, each possessing a distinct allure and possibility. Loganville, Daffodils, Jasmine, Lily, Magnolia, Oleander, Rose, Sunflower, and Tulip are a few of the blocks. 


Invest in Your Future: Commercial Avenue’s Diverse Opportunities


DHA valley Islamabad aerial view

Commercial Avenue in DHA Valley offers a unique combination of a great location, affordability, and a wide range of investment choices. This makes DHA Valley a good investment place. There’s an ideal fit for you whether you’re an experienced business owner or a young startup:  

  • Shops measuring 12 by 25 feet: These reasonably priced stores will help you get a foothold in a rapidly expanding area. Because of their compact size and high visibility, they are perfect for retailers and entrepreneurs looking for an affordable starting point.
  • Commercial Plots – 4 Marla: Invest in a 4 Marla plot to secure your future. Due to Commercial Avenue’s pivotal location and the surrounding area’s rapid growth, these plots have the potential for significant value appreciation at an acceptable price point. 
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plots: Ideal for those with an expansive outlook, 8 Marla plots offer ample room and adaptability to establish your ideal enterprise. This choice supports a variety of projects that need room to grow.  


Unmatched Prospects for Investment  

Commercial Avenue is more than just reasonably priced. Next to the DHA Phase 2 Extension encircled by DHA Homes, its prime position ensures a ready clientele. Commercial Avenue places your business in the center of a bustling town. It offers a variety of plot sizes and outstanding visibility.  


Why Is Purchasing Commercial Plots a Wise Investment?

Residential properties have been the haven for investors for many years. However, DHA Valley’s commercial plots are a vital substitute and draw fresh attention.  

  • High profits with Affordability: Invest today at competitive rates to start earning the potential for substantial profits. These plots are primed for a boom in value as the neighbourhood prospers and businesses move in, providing a profitable opportunity.  
  • Limited Edition, High Demand: Commercial plots in desirable places such as DHA Valley are hard to come by, in contrast to easily accessible residential possibilities. Due to their scarcity and the strong demand from enterprises, they have the potential to be highly profitable assets. 


Popular Places Nearby 

Here are a few well-liked locations close to Commercial Avenue in Islamabad:  

  • The well-kept grounds and expansive views of the city, lake, and Faisal Mosque characterize the hilltop park area known as Daman-e-Koh. 
  • Defence Avenue Mall, a Suit filed BY Ducan, a rating of 4.3 stars. In addition to being home to the Pakistan Monument, Shakarparian National Park boasts gardens and a museum.  


The following are some of the top FAQs for Commercial Avenue Islamabad. 


What is Commercial Avenue?  

Commercial Avenue is a centrally located commercial project within DHA Valley Islamabad, offering shops and plots for businesses. 

What kind of businesses are suited for Commercial Avenue?

The diverse plot sizes cater to various companies, from small shops (ideal for retailers and startups) to larger eight-marla plots for ventures requiring ample space. 


What are the plot sizes available?

Commercial Avenue offers 12×25-foot shops, four marla (approximately 500 sq yd), and eight marla (approximately 1000 sq yd) commercial plots. 


Is Commercial Avenue a good investment?

Its prime location and limited availability make it an attractive option for investors, and it offers the potential for high returns. 


What are the benefits of investing in Commercial Plots?

Vital benefits include affordability, potential for significant appreciation, and high demand due to limited supply. 


What are some surrounding areas?

DHA Homes, DHA Phase 2 Extension, Avenue Park, Central Commercial Area, and Daman-e-Koh are all popular areas nearby. 


Does Commercial Avenue have a website or brochure?

Yes, you can find all the relevant information by visit the official page of DHA Valley Islamabad.


What are the payment options for plots?

Flexible payment plans might offer a down payment and installments spread over a period. Again, contacting DHA Islamabad can clarify payment options. 

 This was all about Commercial Avenue Islamabad. For more information, visit

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