Construction industry starts operations from today

ISLAMABAD: To stem the effects of COVID-19 on the nation’s economy, the construction industry and several low-risk industries have started operations from today, whereas the lockdown has been extended till April 30th.

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The announced decisions were taken in the National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In addition, the government will also issue two presidential ordinances, Khan said while briefing on the matter.

“One ordinance will provide an unprecedented stimulus package to the construction industry, whereas, the other will curb smuggling and hoarding of dollars and wheat.”

The government has also announced to take strict action against hoarders and will show no leniency.

The government has allowed the identified industries to operate by implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the workplace, informed Minister for Industries Hammad Azhar.

Along with applying SOPs to all the industries that the government has decided to open, strict adherence is necessary to prevent the spread of COVD-19, added Dr Zafar Mirza.

He further stressed that all those going out must take all else precautionary measures personally to ensure safety from the disease.

All public places, including educational institutions, sports events and cinemas will remain closed during the lockdown.

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