CPEC project attracts interest from Japanese, Korean firms

CPEC project attracts interest from Japanese, Korean firms

KARACHI: Dhabeji Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has managed to attract interest from Japanese and Korean firms for the development of industrial zones in Pakistan.

According to Sindh Special Economic Zones Management Company (SEZMC) Chief Executive Officer Abdul Azeem Uqaili, no less than 30 national as well as international companies of repute have expressed eagerness to become part of the promising project.

“We are getting a great deal of interest from the company,” said Uqaili. “Although our offer is open to investors from any country, mostly Chinese have expressed interest, followed by Japanese and Korean investors.”

The companies in question have worked on mega projects like the Thar coal power project.

The CEO further said that the SEZMC had invited bids through national and international newspapers for selection as the developer of Dhabeji SEZ.

Once the highest bidder is selected, the firm will form a company for the development of the economic zone.

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