Creative things to do while in self-isolation

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This thought Issa mood, for those stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though it was a dream come true for many, who wished to be at home, with food and unlimited internet. Sleeping in, enjoying every meal, and watching your favourite movies and TV shows… With nothing much to do — or not so many places to go — except the couch to the fridge and back or to your room.

But then it starts. With the same routine, you start feeling as if you’re stuck in a time-loop.

You run through all the best movies on Netflix and still can’t find anything worthwhile to watch. Getting lost on social media or the news doesn’t help either. You’re already done with everything, and with life. The walls start to feel a little closer than they were before. Reality starts hitting you…

You become antsy, agitated and start complaining.

Trust us, we’re all at it or on the verge at least. Inching towards running outside, towards freedom.


We’ve got to stay inside our homes to protect not ourselves but our community at large.

To help you make it through these tough times, has rounded some creative activities for you to choose from and make the most of self-isolation!


1. Read a book to escape:

The look on your face is imaginable when you would have read this suggestion. However, we have a fairly good reason for suggesting it – escape.

Be it a book you’ve been putting off, or taking up the activity, reading helps you escape the realities of the world. It gives you ample of various experiences from life stories of others, to learn from their struggles. Getting to travel to different places, eras, and people!

Maybe then one will realise that being in self-isolation isn’t bad.


2. Try your hand at cooking:

Tired of opening the fridge in hope of delicious food magically appearing, and yet only seeing ‘Ghar ka khana’ or the over-stocked vegetables?

Why not try your hand at cooking?

No, we’re not suggesting you cook Gordon Ramsay level recipes, which simply don’t work.

Start from simpler dishes like cooking pasta, or lasagne, or better yet something desi.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide to cook, every recipe has a different cooking skill. This can be challenging initially especially it is your first time, or are trying out a different dish. However, the creativity of this is when you try new recipes, you get to learn about new ingredients and over time try out new cooking techniques.

By implementing the same acquired skills are transferred to other recipes, who knows what uniqueness you can create.


3. Declutter!

Free time is a great time to resorte order not into your life but also your space. Be it your wardrobe, your room or your furniture, changing the surrounding surely is refreshing.

For starters, dedicate your new-found time to sort out your clothes. Go through your wardrobe to rediscover your clothes, shoes, etc. If you haven’t worn the item in the past one-to-two years, consider putting it up for charity!

Want to take a trip down the memory lane?

What better time to declutter your house and rearrange some of that furniture as a family activity that in self-isolation these days…

Going through all the stuff that you don’t use anymore, stored in storerooms or in cupboards. Those items can be old toys you had when you were children, old DVDs, various belongings, or coming across old photo albums. Sitting in the family room, going through these, maybe over a cup of tea, trying to remember the happy times and unsaid memories is sure to bring emotion and nostalgia. This is what brings people closer together.

So stop procrastinating and get started to dispose of everything you wanted.


4. Meditate

Masses right now are stress right now because of the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the lockdown, self-isolation, and barely having much to do.

During this time, one of the most essential things to do is changing your mindset. This is where meditation comes in.

Undoubtedly, meditation has many mental and physical health benefits. It helps you reduce stress, enhance concentration, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, etc.

If you want to achieve all of these, ditch social media and adopt this habit. Even though waking up early and meditating is an ideal practice, one can reduce stress through brief mini-meditations. These can be done throughout the day whenever you want to calm your mind and relax.

With unlimited sites and apps teaching mediation, achieving some peace of mind during this crisis is exactly what every one needs!

Remember, everyone has to play their part in fighting against CVID-19 pandemic.

It is not only to protect our loved ones but our community at large.


Stay home. Stay apart. Save lives. :)


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