A Complete Guide to DHA Quetta

A Complete Guide to DHA Quetta

Over the last few years, many real estate projects have been launched in Balochistan, with a primary focus on the port city of Gwadar. However, there is one particular project in the provincial capital that has garnered a lot of interest among investors: DHA Quetta. 

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To provide complete details of the project, Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, shares a comprehensive guide on DHA Quetta.


DHA Quetta

Logo of DHA Quetta


The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has an excellent reputation in the real estate market as it has developed a few high-end residential communities in all major cities of the country.

In order to provide the same lifestyle to the people of Balochistan, the management of DHA launched this smart real estate project in the provincial capital of Balochistan. 

Inaugurated in 2019, DHA Quetta is the premium housing neighbourhood in the city with world-class facilities and amenities. This modern housing scheme is in its initial stages, with development work being carried out in some sectors of society currently. If you want to get the latest updates, you can visit DHA Quetta’s official website.  


Key Features of DHA Quetta

Following are the three key features of DHA Quetta, making it stand out amongst other housing projects in the area.

  • Location
  • Modern Amenities
  • Security



Just like other residential communities of DHA, the location of DHA Quetta is ideal. Located in close proximity to National Highway N25, this gated community is just 16 km away from the city centre and 7 km away from the Quetta International Airport. 

Apart from these, there are also other important places located near Quetta DHA that are mentioned below.

  • Quetta Western Bypass (almost 9 minutes’ drive away from the society)
  • Bolan Medical College (just 21 minutes drive away from society) 
  • Quetta Railway Station (11 minutes drive from Defence Quetta)


Modern Amenities

In the last few years, developers in the real estate sector have focused more on providing a secure and luxury lifestyle to the residents. The developers of DHA Quetta are no different as they plan to provide modern facilities to the residents.

Some of these are listed below.

  • Underground electricity distribution system
  • Quality schools, colleges, and universities
  • Top-quality medical centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Mosques
  • Parks and playing areas
  • Cricket ground
  • Restaurants and cafes



Just like other housing schemes of DHA, this residential community will have a high-quality security system. According to the management, the society will have security guards patrolling the area 24/7. There will be surveillance cameras installed at various points throughout the society. 


Investment Options in DHA Quetta


DHA Quetta planned entrance


As mentioned earlier, DHA Quetta is in the initial stages of development, which makes it an attractive investment option. According to the master plan, the total area is divided into different sectors, which are further divided into blocks.

In these blocks, there are residential plots that are available in various sizes, which include:

  • 5 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 16 marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal

The prices of residential plots vary according to the size. For instance, the price of a 1 kanal plot in DHA Quetta is available for Rs. 57.6 lacs. However, this was the price of the plot at the time of its booking.

Now, a DHA Quetta 1 kanal plot file for sale is available in the price range of Rs. 70 to 75 lacs. For your convenience, we have shared the complete payment plan for several residential plots below.


Plot SizeProcessing FeeDown Payment (10%)16 Quarterly InstalmentsTotal Price
5 marlasRs. 4,000Rs. 178,000Rs. 89,100Rs. 1,782,000
8 marlasRs. 6,000Rs. 271,800Rs. 135,900Rs. 2,718,000
10 marlasRs. 8,000Rs. 328,500PKR 164,250Rs. 3,285,000
16 marlasRs. 10,000Rs. 489,600PKR 244,800Rs. 4,896,000
1 kanalRs. 12,000Rs. 576,000PKR 288,000Rs. 5,760,000
2 kanalsRs. 15,000Rs. 1,116,000PKR 558,000Rs. 11,160,000


Commercial Plots in DHA Quetta

Like any other modern housing society, DHA Quetta has a dedicated space for commercial units. These commercial plots are available in different sizes, which are:

  • 4 marla
  • 8 marla
  • 1 kanal

In order to provide convenience to investors, following is the complete payment plan for commercial plots.


Plot SizesProcessing FeeDown Payment (10%)16 Quarterly InstalmentsTotal Price
4 marlasRs. 30,000Rs, 1,143,000Rs. 762,000Rs. 11,430,000
8 marlasRs. 20,000Rs. 2,205,000Rs. 1,470,000Rs. 22,050,000
1 kanalRs. 25,000Rs. 5,287,500Rs. 3,525,000Rs. 52,875,000


The housing society is also offering farm houses in different sizes, such as 4, 5 and 8 kanal. They are available for purchase in four-year instalments. 

For instance, if you want to buy a 4 kanal farmhouse, it is available at the price of Rs. 1.7 crores. Initially, you would have to pay a 10% down payment for the farmhouse and, after that, you would have to pay 16 quarterly instalments of around Rs. 6 lacs. 


Payment Plan for Farmhouses in DHA Quetta

Following is the complete payment plan for farmhouses. 


Farmhouse SizesProcessing FeeDown Payment (10%)16 Quarterly InstalmentsTotal Price
4 kanalsRs. 30,000Rs. 3,400,000Rs. 637,500Rs. 17,000,000
5 kanalsRs. 40,000Rs. 3,825,000Rs. 717,188Rs. 19,125,000
8 kanalsRs. 50,000Rs. 5,880,000Rs. 1,102,500Rs. 29,400,000


It will take some time for society to be developed as plots haven’t been allotted to the plot file owners yet. However, it is a great opportunity for investors who want to invest in profitable real estate because these are quite affordable.

Once they are allotted to the owners, the price of these plots will appreciate. To find out about the balloting process, you can contact the management by using the DHA Quetta contact number or email address is given below.

Contact Number: 081-2864446-7

Email Address: info@dhaquetta.org


For more information regarding Defence Housing Authority projects, visit Graana blog.

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