Bhasha Dam construction to kick off in 3 months

Diamer Bhasha Dam construction to kick off in 3 months

LAHORE: With Mohmand Dam’s construction already underway, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has committed a time frame of three to four months to begin constructing the long-awaited Diamer Bhasha Dam.

WAPDA Chairman Muzammil Hussain, while chairing a meeting of Implementation Committee on Diamer Bhasha, Mohmand Dams (ICDBMD), conveyed his satisfaction with the progress of the Mohmand Dam and said that the construction has picked up pace since the groundbreaking by Prime Minister Imran Khan in May 2019.

Speaking on the topic of the Diamer Bhasha Dam, the official shared that the evaluation of the proposal for consultancy services and bids for award of civil works concerning the dam had reached an advanced stage.

“Following the award of consultancy services and civil works, construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam is likely to begin within three to four months,” said Hussain, who also praised the Committee’s contribution to the projects.

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