Digital Pakistan Launch – Digital mapping of Pakistan’s urban areas

PropSure Digital Solutions launches digital data of Pakistan’s planned area, achieving an essential milestone in the country’s real estate sector.

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The digital map of Pakistan was unveiled during a ceremony attended by the esteemed Chairman IMARAT Group and CEO Shafiq Akbar, Chairman Advisory Board Lt. Gen (R) Haroon Aslam, Director PropSure Taimoor-ul-Haq Abbasi, Group Directors Mr. Farhan Javed, Mr. Sharjeel E. Ahmer and Mr. Arsalan Javed.

Addressing the event hosted at National Science and Technology Park (NSTP), Chairman Shafiq Akbar said, “The launch of digital map of Pakistan’s planned area is an important milestone in the history of the country’s real estate sector.”

While lauding the team for their efforts, he added, “This contribution by the IMARAT Group ensures much needed transparency that would resolve the existing issues in Pakistan’s real estate sector.”

While speaking at the occasion, Chairman Advisory Board Lt. Gen. (R) Haroon Aslam said, “A whole team of experts, comprising of experienced and equally seasoned young talent, is behind this digital transformation. This contribution is a testament that the country’s destiny through the real estate sector can be changed through proper resources and planning.

Director PropSure Taimoor-ul-Haq Abbasi added that the launch of this digital map is to help every Pakistani, especially overseas Pakistanis can acquire complete details of any property.


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invest with imarat Islamabad’s emerging city
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