Explore Jungle Barracks in Rawalpindi: A Hidden Gem

But what makes the Jungle Barracks special is that it is somewhat of a secret that most people do not know about.

If you want a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily routine, we suggest you spend some time at Jungle Barracks Rawalpindi, a perfect place to relax. Rawalpindi has a lot to explore historically and culturally, and there is a mix of traditional and modern flavors to offer.

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But what makes the Jungle Barracks special is that it is somewhat of a secret that most people do not know about. Being situated slightly outside of the city jungle barrack offers the tranquility of nature together with an insight into the history of the city.

This is the ultimate guide to understanding the Jungle Barracks in Rawalpindi, from its origins and importance to the experiences to be expected when visiting.


Overview of Jungle Barracks in Rawalpindi


LocationGrand Trunk Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Accommodation TypesPresidential Suite A, Presidential Suite B, Deluxe Twin Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Family Suite (Lake View), Family Suite (Jungle View), Standard Rooms
Room FeaturesAir conditioning, Room service, Minibar, Refrigerator
General AmenitiesFree parking, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Free breakfast, Concierge service, Airport transportation, Meeting rooms, Banquet room
Family-FriendlyChildren’s activities, On-site park for jogging and picnics
DiningOn-site restaurant, Lounge
Cleaning ServicesDry cleaning, Laundry service
AccessibilityWheelchair access
SecurityGreat security system
Recreational ActivitiesPark for jogging and picnics
Nearby AttractionsPanIQ Room (2.8 miles), Ayub National Park (0.2 miles), Jinnah Park (1.2 miles), The Raja Bazaar (3.5 miles)
Nearby RestaurantsBurger In Town, Mei Kong, Savour Foods, Monal Rawalpindi
Traveler RatingsCleanliness: 5.0, Service: 5.0, Value: 5.0
Airport ProximityIslamabad Intl Airport (13.2 miles)


History of Jungle Barracks


The jungle barracks are situated in Ayub Park, Rawalpindi.


As one would infer from the name Jungle Barracks, the place has a fascinating history tied to the country’s military. Formerly inhabited and developed as a military installation, it functioned as an essential base for the British colonial forces at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The thick growth and terrain were well suited for training and strategizing, as enemies would easily get trapped in the bushes.

Moreover, the barracks changed their crucial significance through the years, from pure military objects to recreational places and even places to visit. The area was gradually thrown open to the public, and today, it has become a prime attraction for nature lovers, history lovers, and those who seek solitude.


Location and Accessibility

The jungle barracks are situated in Ayub Park, Rawalpindi. Due to its position in Rawalpindi, the jungle barracks are easily reachable by various means of transport by all categories of visitors. The location is easily accessible by car; it only takes 10 minutes to get there from Saddar.

Plenty of easy-access car parks are available, and the general surroundings of the facility are tidy, clean, and quite aesthetic, giving everybody a comfortable and joyous experience.


Natural Beauty and Scenic Views


The most prized resource of Jungle Barracks is its beautiful nature.


The most prized resource of Jungle Barracks is its beautiful nature. It is sparsely populated and dominated by large trees, shrubs, vegetation, and wildlife. As a result, the freshness and greenery of nature contrast with the concrete jungle of Rawalpindi and induce a sense of artificiality.

Furthermore, forest paths pass through the different parts of the barracks. The variety of these trails makes them ideal for persons of all fitness levels, as some are relatively difficult. Depending on the pace one feels up to, Jungle Barracks has the trail one would like to take.


Wildlife and Birdwatching

The jungle barracks are the best place for wildlife and bird lovers. The variety of habitats provides homes to many animals, such as monkeys, deer, and birds. Due to the abundance of sunlight, the best time to watch wildlife is in the morning and the evening past dusk.

Additionally, you can sight-seeing both resident and migratory birds. Take your binoculars and camera, as there are species of birds, including peacocks, parrots, and different types of birds. There is no disputing the fact that Jungle Barracks is strategically located due to its peaceful nature and expansive natural environments to host birds.


Recreational Activities


The most prized resource of Jungle Barracks is its beautiful nature.


The area for visitors of Jungle Barracks has several exciting things that can be done to have fun. There are well-vegetated walkways and jogging courses ideal for hikers. At the same time, the picnic zone is appropriate for friends and families to eat while watching animals and birds. People can also take stand spaces to camp to spend more days in a serene place.

Moreover, for activists and adventurers, the barracks provide shifted opportunities for rock climbing and rappelling down for descents. These activities are performed on natural rock formations for various purposes; however, safety precautions are observed to ensure the activities are safe. Many climbing spots are perfect for beginners and professional climbers.


Conservation Efforts

Conservation of the natural and historical rural charm of Jungle Barracks has been deemed essential. It is an area under the Natural Resource Ministry and different conservation bodies, and they do make efforts to ensure that the environment is well protected and the site is prepared for use in the long future.

Furthermore, processes are invaluable and include trail maintenance, wildlife protection and conservation, and reconstruction of historical buildings. It is advisable to adhere to the rules and preserve the environment in the park. This includes no hunting, littering, treading only in areas you are allowed, and no interference with wildlife.

By following these few simple rules, visitors can help maintain the site spotlessly clean, making Jungle Barracks a popular place for holidaymakers in the future.


Amenities at Jungle Barracks

Here is a list of amenities offered by Jungle Barracks.


Jungle Barracks offers different rooms depending on the client’s desires and requirements. These include suites, family units, and smoking units. Many rooms are comfortable for ten guests or more, and every guest is ensured a comfortable stay in the facility.


Room Features

The rooms at this hotel include several facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They include air conditioning for environmental control, room service for convenience in the room, and a refrigerator for beverages and snacks.


General Amenities

The guests of Jungle Barracks have several general facilities that the accommodation management ensures offer comfort to the people staying there. Those coming by car are free to park inside the compound at their own expense, and free high-speed internet connectivity in the compound makes you stay connected. Continental breakfast is served every morning free of charge, where several mouth-watering delicacies are prepared.


Family and Kid-Friendly

Undoubtedly, one can plan a family visit with kids to the Jungle Barracks because there is much for children to do. There are abundant opportunities for jogging and picnicking in the park located on the territory of the facility; thus, children can have fun there without fear of danger.



A restaurant within the compound offers tasty meals to suit the various clients’ preferences. Guests can also come in and sit down in the lounge with some meals and wine or simply snacks.


Cleaning Services

The guests are not forced to do their laundry to compromise the cleanliness of the rooms, as Jungle Barracks provides dry cleaning services. These services aim to make your stay more manageable so that you will not be stressed about getting services and can enjoy your stay in Rawalpindi.



Jungle Barracks is keen on diversity to ensure equal opportunity for guests. This means that wheelchair ramps enable everyone, including the disabled, to access the property and enjoy the provided facilities and services.



The security of individuals and their belongings is fundamental at Jungle Barracks. This property includes a sound security measure that will guarantee the safety of all clients. This gives one a free mind to enjoy his/her stay without worrying unnecessarily.


Recreational Activities

Jungle Barracks has a 15-acre park for active guests, where they can jog, have picnics, etc. It is also ideal for exercising since it is a park where guests can exercise, take a break, and breathe fresh air.

These services and facilities provided to Jungle Barracks guests make Rawalpindi guests comfortable and allow them the time of their lives. There is, however, one sure bet when considering a visit to the East African eminent seal of tourism Endeavour: the Jungle Barracks will not disappoint whether on business or a vacation with the children.


Rooms at Jungle Barracks

This hotel offers guests different standard forms of accommodation in well-equipped rooms and suites. Every space is created with the comfort and richness of the guest’s experience to provide them with the best possible time.

Room TypeDetails
Presidential Suite AThe Presidential Suite A offers luxurious accommodations with a spacious bedroom, attached bathroom, and a large sitting area. It is designed for guests seeking the highest level of comfort and glamour.
Presidential Suite BLike Presidential Suite A, this suite features a luxurious bedroom, an attached bathroom, and a spacious lounge area. It caters to guests desiring royal treatment and superior service.
Deluxe Twin RoomsTwo Deluxe Twin Rooms are available, each equipped with two single beds and an en-suite bathroom. Ideal for friends or siblings sharing a room with modern comforts.
Deluxe RoomsJungle Barracks offers four Deluxe Rooms, each featuring a double bed and an attached bathroom. These rooms are tastefully furnished to provide comfort for couples or single travelers.
Family Suite (Lake View)The Lake View Family Suite includes two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a lounge area. Guests can enjoy lake views, providing a serene environment for families.
Family Suite (Jungle View)Like the Lake View Suite, the Jungle View Family Suite offers two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a lounge area. It features scenic views of the surrounding jungle, ideal for a tranquil family retreat.
Standard RoomsJungle Barracks has fourteen Standard Rooms, each with an attached bathroom. These rooms provide comfortable and affordable accommodation, suitable for budget-conscious travelers.


Here’s an overview of the best rooms available at Jungle Barracks:

Presidential Suite A

The Presidential Suite A is luxurious and offers customers everything they need from a hotel. This suite has a bedroom and bathroom linked to it and a big sitting area. This luxury suite suits those who want comfort married to glamour. The high quality of the services provided, and high living standards may be combined with the luxurious interior design of the rooms to create an extraordinary guest experience.

Presidential Suite B

Just like Presidential Suite A, Presidential Suite B gives a royal touch to the guests coming to the hotel and comprises a luxurious bedroom. The bathroom and a large lounge are also part of the suite. This suite is intended for maximum comfort and the isolation of noble personage and clients who want a high service level.


Deluxe Twin Rooms

At Jungle Barracks, there are two Deluxe Twin Rooms. These rooms have two single beds and an en-suite bathroom. They are suitable for friends or siblings willing to share a room with the necessary comfort and equipment of a modern facility.


Deluxe Rooms

This house has four Deluxe Rooms, each with a double bed and an attached bathroom. These rooms may include quality and cozy furniture and amenities that suit a couple or a single tourist. The rooms are designed to allow a comfortable stay with all the needed amenities within reach.

Family Suite (Lake View)


The most prized resource of Jungle Barracks is its beautiful nature.


The Lake View Family is among the most prominent rooms suitable for families. This suite has two rooms, each with an en suite bathroom and a lounge. Guests have views of the lake, and the environment is quite pleasant, so guests can have a memorable stay there.

Family Suite (Jungle View)

Comparable to the Lake View Suite facility, the Jungle View Family Suite has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a living room. This suite gives beautiful views of the surrounding jungle and ensures families have a calm and natural experience in which to spend their time.


Standard Rooms

Jungle Barracks has fourteen Standard Rooms, each with a bathroom. These rooms are ideal for wise travelers who want comfortable yet affordable accommodation without breaking the bank. They have all the necessary features for a relaxed and hassle-free stay.



Jungle Barracks in Rawalpindi, situated in one of the best parks in Rawalpindi, is an undiscovered place that is interesting from nature, history, and recreational points of view. If one is interested in nature and history, then Jungle Barracks could be a paradise or at least a place to relax, having left behind the noise of a big city.

Its natural environment, endowed with silent green vegetation, natural wildlife, historical significance, and an anthropological perspective of the place, makes it a one-stop-center for any traveling enthusiast.
Therefore, check out Jungle Barracks next time you’re in Rawalpindi and are looking for a place to hang out. The surroundings’ natural beauty and serenity, history, legends, and beautiful memories are guaranteed in this remarkable place.

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