Famous Ski Resorts in Pakistan

Graana.com features everything you need to know about some of the best ski resorts in Pakistan.

With humid temperatures and sunny days throughout the year, Pakistan is commonly referred to as a ‘warm’ country. Owing to this reputation, many remain unaware of the country’s hidden gems that lie hidden behind its rocky mountain ranges. Apart from the picturesque views and pleasant climate, the country’s northern areas offer another popular respite – ski resorts.

These ski resorts are perfect for those looking for a serene getaway in the mountains or simply a relaxing vacation with friends and family. Graana.com, Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace, features a complete guide on some of the most famous ski resorts in Pakistan.


Famous Ski Resorts in Pakistan

As the name suggests, ski resorts have one major attraction – skiing. Despite the sport only being available in the winters, these resorts remain operational throughout the year, owing to the world-class facilities and scenic views that they offer.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’re bound to have a pleasant time at a ski resort. Following is a list of some of the best ski resorts in the country that are bound to captivate your interest.


Nathiagali Ski Resort


Nathiagali ski resort is a popular tourist destination


Many remain unaware that Nathiagali features a beautiful ski resort within its pine-laden peaks. The resort is located on a 200 metres slope, offering captivating views of Mushkpuri and Miranjani mountain peaks. The resort is perfect for beginners since the slope is quite shallow, and the track is relatively easy to traverse.

This ski resort in Pakistan is perfect for those who want to enjoy skiing without travelling far into the country’s northern areas, especially since the travel duration from Islamabad is around 2 hours. The perfect time to travel here is around December to January.


Naltar Valley Ski Resort


Naltar valley offers an exquisite ski resort.


Situated within the exquisite Karakoram Mountain range, Naltar resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in Pakistan. Located at an elevation of 2,950 metres, the ski resort features international skiing championships where skiers from all over the world gather annually.

The resort also offers exquisite accommodation for those that wish to stay overnight. Moreover, equipment for skiing is also available at the resort, meaning you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

The most popular time to visit this resort is during the months of December to February when the snow is enough to make the skiing track functional.


Malam Jabba Ski Resort


Malam Jabba offers exciting winter sports.


Located in the Swat valley with an altitude of 9,199 ft, Malam Jabba ski resort is one of the most popular skiing resorts in the country, owing to its location and services. As the area is just 314 kilometres from Islamabad, tourists can easily reach this captivating mountain resort through the Swat Motorway.

What makes this ski resort in Pakistan stand out is the range of snow activities and sports it offers, such as snow tubing, skating, and skiing on the snow-laden peak. The resort also offers various ski runs that are perfect for varying difficulty levels, ranging from novices to professionals.

The country’s tourism department is also constructing a five-star hotel right next to the ski resort, allowing visitors to stay the night and revel in the beauty of Malam Jabba.


Astore Valley Ski Resort


Astore valley is a stunning place for winter activites.


Many remain unaware that the immaculate Astore valley in Gilgit doubles as an exquisite ski resort, offering a wide range of winter sports and activities. Sitting at an altitude of 8,126 metres, the valley boasts a small village town known as Rattu. Here, you can find the perfect spot for beginner skiing, as the slope is relatively less steep.

However, due to the resort’s location in far-off Gilgit-Baltistan, tourists and visitors are scarce. This makes it ideal for those that prefer a more serene and calm atmosphere. Plan your next trip to this stunning ski resort in Pakistan. However, ensure that the weather conditions are stable as the area is quite prone to blizzards.

Shimshal Ski Resort


Shmshal valley ski resort is a popular destination


This ski resort in Pakistan entails a perilous journey, albeit one that offers breath-taking views and enchanting backdrops throughout. As the Shimshal ski resort is located in Hunza valley, the trip can take up to 22 hours from Islamabad, turning into a two to three days journey.

However, the trip is worth the hassle as the resort offers some of the most mesmerizing views in the country, along with skiing and other winter activities that will truly make your stay memorable.

The resort is also quite popular among international skiers, owing to its ideal ski run and overall location. Skiers from Austria have also conducted a ski training camp at Shimshal ski resort, where they trained amateur and beginner skiers in a 10-day skiing workshop.


Fairy Meadows Ski Resort


discover the fairy meadows ski resort and its majestic beauty.


With a perfect view of the Nanga Parbat in the back and a lush meadow on the side, the Fairy Meadows ski resort is a crowd favourite – and rightly so. The beauty of this resort remains unrivaled, as the snow-laden peaks around the ski track make for a captivating scene.

Despite not having chairlifts or proper accommodation, the ski resort sees heaps of visitors yearly, especially during the months of December to March – the ideal time to visit this ski resort in Pakistan.

Moreover, the ski resort is highly recommended for those that also have a knack for trekking, as that is what the Fairy Meadows is primarily famous for. You can also enjoy a night camping in the designated spots throughout the meadows, allowing you to explore nature’s bliss.

Unbeknownst to many, the country has a lot to offer in terms of winter sports and activities, and one such example is skiing. Despite Pakistan’s reputation leaning to the contrary, skiing is a popular sport in the country, and many enthusiasts regularly head up to the northern areas to explore these stunning ski resorts in Pakistan.

Plan your next trip to these mesmerising ski resorts and discover the beauty that the country has to offer. For more informative blogs on northern areas of the country, visit Graana blog.