FBR Property Valuation of Major Cities in Pakistan

FBR property Valuation

In 2016, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was authorised to notify property valuations in urban centres of Pakistan. Since then, the tax authority has raised the valuation of property three times. These changes were made in 2018, 2019, and, most recently, in December 2021. 

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, takes a look at the latest property valuation made by FBR in major cities in Pakistan.


Types of Property Valuation

Before we look at FBR’s valuation of the property, let us look at the types of property valuation in Pakistan and how they differ from each other.


DC Valuation Rate

The valuation is called the DC rate and is used for stamp duty purposes. At the DC rate, the property is registered with property regulation authorities.

FBR Valuation Rate

This is the rate at which Withholding Tax is charged. This is charged as per the filer/non-files states of the person.

Market Rate

The property market rate is usually 5-10 times the DC rate and 2-4 times that of the FBR rate.


FBR Property Valuation in Islamabad


Edited image of Pakistan Monument


Given below are the FBR rates for commercial and residential properties for sale in Islamabad. These rates were notified on 2nd March 2022.


Valuation of Immoveable Residential Property

Sector Nature Value Per Sq Yrd
Bahria Town Phase I Any Size 34,000
Bahria Town Phase II Any Size 34,000
Bahria Town Phase III Any Size 34,000
Bahria Town Phase IV Any Size 34,000
Bahria Town Phase V Any Size 34,000
Bahria Town Phase VI Any Size 34,000
Bani Gala Any Size 28,000
Bhara Kahu Any Size 22,000
CDA Enclave I Any Size 30,000
CDA Enclave II Any SIze 30,000
CDA Enclave III Any Size 44,000
Chatha Bakhtawar Any Size 20,000
Chak Shahzad Any Size 28,000
DHA Phase I Any Size 30,000
DHA Phase II Any Size 35,000
DHA Phase II Extension Any Size 8,264
DHA Phase III Any Size 16,529
DHA Phase IV Any Size 9,917
DHA Phase V Any Size 19,835
DHA Valley Any Size 8,264
D-12 Any Size 100,000
D-17 Any Size 25,000
E-6 Any Size NA
E-7 Any Size 150,000
E-11/3-4 Any Size 70,000
F-6 Any Size 140,000
F-7 Any Size 140,000
F-8 Any Size 130,000
F-10 Any Size 115,000
F-11 Any Size 110,000
F-15 (with Possession) Any Size 18,000
F-15 (without Possession) Any Size 10,000
F-17 MPCHS Any Size 25,000
Faisal Town Housing Society Any Size 15,000
Fazaia Tarnol Housing Society Any Size 20,000
G-6 Any Size 120,000
G-7 Any Size 90,000
G-8 Any Size 100,000
G-9 Any Size 100,000
G-10 Any Size 100,000
G-11 Any Size 100,000
G-13 Any Size 80,000
G-14/4 Any Size 80,000
G-14/1-2-3 Any Size 40,000
G-17 Supreme Court Housing Society Any Size 20,000
Ghouri Town Any Size 18,000
Gulberg Residencia (with possession) Any Size 19,000
Gulberg (without possession) Any Size 13,000
Gandhara City Any Size 12,000
H Sector Any Size 30,000
Humak Town Any Size 18,000
I-8 Any Size 90,000
I-9 Any Size 45,000
I-10 Any Size 45,000
I-11 Any Size 35,138
I-12 Any Size 25,000
I-14 Any Size 30,000
I-15 Any Size 16,387
I-16 Any Size 22,917
Jammu & Kashmir 

Cooperative Housing 

Society G 15 

Any Size 25,000
Jinnah Garden Any Size 20,000
Margalla Town Any Size 44,000
Naval Anchorage Any Size 20,000
Pakistan Town Any Size 18,000
PECHS Any Size 10,000
Rawat Any Size 16,000
River Garden Any Size 20,000


FBR Property Valuation in Karachi


Illustration of Mazar e Quaid in Karachi


For Karachi, the FBR notification notes that the valuation of a commercial property is per square yard of the covered area of the ground floor. In case the property has multiple floors, the valuation will take into account the additional floors as well. 

For industrial properties, it is noted that the value is per square yard of the entire area plus the covered area of the plot per square foot. 

The valuation of the residential property with more than one storey will be increased by 25 percent for each additional storey.

The valuation for these plots is given below:


Category Residential Open Plot (Per Sq Yrd) Residential Built Property (Pr Sq Yrd)
A-I 73,125 81,000
I 45,000 56,250
II 22,800 30,800
III 12,000 16,875
IV 9,563 11,250
V 6,000 7,800
VI 1,665 4,995
VII 35,520 44,400
VIII 9,990 15,540
XI 11,000 13,200
X 12,320 14,300


Valuation of Commercial Property in Karachi


mixed-use building with commercial and residential floors


The FBR valuation of commercial property in Karachi is given below:


Category Commercial Open Plot (Per Sq Yrd) Commercial Built Property (Pr Sq Yrd)
A-I 180,000 103,500
I+ 160,000 80,000
I 123,750 73,125
II 106,875 56,250
III 46,000 28,800
IV 38,250 16,875
V 10,140 11,375
VI 3,600 5,994
VII 127,650 61,040
VIII 48,000 49,248
XI 52,000 33,000
X 60,500 36,300

Note: The notification notes that the valuation of basements in commercial buildings in categories I, II, III, and IV will be 13,500 PKR per square yard.


Valuation of Industrial Property in Karachi

FBR valuation for industrial property in Karachi is given below:


Category Industrial Open Plot (Per Sq Yrd) Industrial Built Property (Pr Sq Yrd)
I 12,124 3,105
II 13,824 3,336
III 6,000 3,336


FBR Valuation of Apartments & Amenity Plots

The valuation for apartments and amenity plots is given below:


Category Industrial Open Plot (Per Sq Yrd) Industrial Built Property (Pr Sq Yrd)
A-I 7,313 37,375
I 6,188 23,000
II 3,375 10,925
III 2,138 5,750
IV 1,688 4.888
V 944 1,680
VI 605 840
VII 7,770 17,920
VIII 3,330 5,040
XI 2,750 6,000
X 3,220 7,000

These valuations are for Islamabad and Karachi. To read more on property valuation and taxation, visit Graana blog.