Future of work lies in formulating radical solutions: Shafiq Akbar at STIR

Graana.com, in collaboration with the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) Professional Development Centre (PDC), hosted a grand networking event S.T.I.R – Socialise, Transform, Ignite and Reskill.

The esteemed Chairman IMARAT Group and CEO Graana.com Mr. Shafiq Akbar, was invited as the Chief Guest of the grand event held in NUST. Other prestigious panellists invited included Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer JAZZ Mr. Sarwar Salahuddin, Executive Director SECP Mr. Musarat Jabeen, Executive Direction PAGE Mr. Fajer Rabia Pasha and Chief Digital Officer Askari Bank Mr. Shehryar Ali Shah.



The outbreak of COVID-19 affected life, as was known before. The economies were left counting the costs as the virus exposed the longstanding inadequacies and challenged every course of action. The year 2021 served as a dramatic inflexion point, where the entire planet reconfigured its behaviour simultaneously after participating in lockdowns, quarantines, and enforced social distancing.

Realising this gap, the event was hosted to present a refine opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences that help create a more productive work environment and focus on concise skills that aided in making the most of any opportunity, which was discussed by every key-speaker.

While speaking at the occasion, CEO Graana.com, Mr. Shafiq Akbar shared the model for success his company has adopted, at S.T.I.R networking event. He said, “Every organisation runs on the PPP formula which stands for the personality of every individual, and the policies and processes, which aid the overall productivity of an organisation. To assess and reward every individual on our team, we have unveiled a Growth Index (GI) system, which maps their responsibilities, potential, personality and career growth plan to help them steer and achieve their goals.”

“This performance metric has helped us reach where we are today, by identifying the raw and immense talent we possess, that has been moulded accordingly,” he further added.

The interactive session hosted by NUST PDC was attended by alumni, stakeholders from various sectors, clients & partners to fuel the workforce toward the next horizon. The participants to walk away ready to create a better and more productive workplace environment thus driving organizational success.

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