Amazing Gate Designs in Pakistan

“Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.”`~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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It is a dream of many of us to have a place that we can call home; a place where we can retire after a long tiresome day. In short, a home is truly a blessing in disguise. Usually, people leave no stone unturned to make their house beautiful and unique. 

One of the easiest ways to enhance the overall look and feel of the house is to add a stunning front gate. A big beautiful gate will not only give a regal look to your house but it will also act as a way of securing your house from unwanted visitors and intruders.

But what design to choose for your house?

Think no more because in this blog we bring you a detailed list of gate designs in Pakistan that are not the only epitome of beauty but also a light on the pocket.

To know more about top gate designs in Pakistan, please keep on reading.

Modern Grey

If you are fond of sleek and ultra-cool designs, modern grey gates are perfect for you. These kinds of gates perfectly complement the concrete walls, minimal flooring, and overall house design. Steel grey gates with vertical lines are perfect for average coverage. These kinds of gates suit farmhouses and townhouses.

Iron Mesh Gates

Iron mesh gates come under contemporary designs. This luxurious gate design not only looks beautiful but also provides excellent security and privacy to the occupants of the house. The dark grey gates complement the bright outdoor views as well. These gates are best suited for houses that have spacious lawns and yards.

White Laser Cut Gates

If you are looking for an elegant yet very fashionable gate design for a house, try out white laser cut gates. It is one of the best gate designs in Pakistan and best suited for modern city houses. The perfectly cut designs add more beauty to the walls and overall look of the house.

Slider Gates

If you want full coverage for your house without compromising on the overall look of the house, try opting for slider gates. These gates are very popular in Pakistan and come with a sturdy and solid look. If your house is located in a very busy neighborhood and you want privacy, slider gates are a great option for you. You can also add wheels to the gate to make it sleeker. 

Cedarwood Gates

Cedar gates are truly meant for grand and majestic houses that speak of luxury and elegance.

For houses that are located in the suburbs of the city, cedar gates are must-haves. They add charm and charisma to the house and enhance the vibrancy of the house to a great extent. 

Aluminum Screen

Aluminum screen gates are one of the most sought-after gate designs in Pakistan. Sleek, modern, and elegant defines the overall look of the gate. The gate provides full privacy and security and allows the occupants to peep from both sides. 

Gothic Wood

As the name suggests, gothic wood gates are very edgy and bold. If you want to add a grand look to your house with a touch of medieval charm, this gate design will suit your needs perfectly. The dark wood panels along with black steel fittings complement each other. 

Frosted Glass Gate

Usually, we see gates made of metal like iron and steel. However, frosted glass is also being used to construct some amazing gates in Pakistan. Cutting edge technology is being used to combine frosted glass with other metals such as steel and the result is similarly spectacular. 

Timeless Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates are one of the most widely used gate designs in the country. From gates to windows to furniture, Pakistanis use wrought iron in every way. The finishing of the wrought iron gate is very sleek and graceful, giving a regal look to the house. The best thing about wrought iron gates is that they are very affordable and easy on the pocket. If you are someone who has budget constraints, go for this gate design.

Timber and Metal

Timber and metal blend in perfectly. Timber combined with beautiful and sturdy metals will add more charm to your home. This gate provides maximum coverage and security and will easily match any home style and design.

White Wood Gate

If you are someone who is a fan of minimalism and solid tones, a white wood gate is your best pick. It provides full security by maintaining the welcoming aura of the house. 

City Black Gate

Three words define a city black gate: sleek, stylish, and modern. The eye-catching yet secure gate is perfect for houses that are located in a populous area. The solid wall provides the needed privacy, while the black steel gate softens the look and adds a chic vibe.

Laser Cut Metal Gate

Another minimal and simple design that can add a lot of structure to your house is a laser metal gate. The design consists of a bare metal sheet, precise cuts, traditional hinges, and a latch. All these elements add a classy touch to the house

 Wood and Stone

This unique combination of wood and stone is truly aesthetic. The gate is a mixture of many natural raw materials such as wood, stone, and concrete. This raw look not only provides security and privacy but also adds a chic look to the house.

Vertical Pipes

The chrome pipe fence and gate are perfect for people who want to give a sturdy and edgy look to the house. The best thing about this design is that the sturdy material will last a long time, making this edgy gate also practical and sustainable.

Driveway Metal Screen Gate

Driveway Metal Screen gate is one of the most modern gate designs in Pakistan. It is a perfect blend of privacy, outclass look, and security. The roll-up design is also space-efficient and ideal for city homes and townhouses.

Rustic Ranch Gate

If you are fond of good old classical designs, go for a rustic ranch gate design. Ranch gates with burnished wood and beautiful panels will add an evergreen look to your home. 

Folded Iron Stunner

This gate design comes with folded iron plates, giving the gate a sleek and luxurious look. The iron plates effectively impart strength and security, while the brilliant design adds a very unique aura to the house.

So, these are some of the gate designs in Pakistan that are extremely popular and loved by the masses. We hope you liked our list. Did not find the kind of design you were looking for? Let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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