GIFT University: A Pathway to Excellence in Education and Beyond

Gift University

GIFT University is a renowned institution of higher education located in Pakistan, dedicated to providing students with a stimulating and enriching learning environment. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence, industry linkages, community engagement, and global exposure, GIFT University prepares students to excel in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on society.

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Following are the schools at GIFT University Gujranwala.


GIFT Business School


GIFT Business School logo


In 2002, GIFT Business School (GBS) was established to provide contemporary business and management education to the youth of the Gujranwala division. Serving the urban areas of Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, and their surrounding rural regions, GBS quickly emerged as a pioneering private business school in the region. It operated under the esteemed GIFT University, which stood as the sole private university between Lahore and Islamabad. Initially offering MBA and BBA programs, GBS steadily expanded its academic offerings in response to the changing market demands, introducing innovative programs in Finance, Accounting, and Economics. 

The programs available at GBS include: 


Bachelor’s Programs Master’s Programs Doctoral Programs 
BS Business Administration MBA PhD Management Sciences 
BS Accounting & Finance MCom  
BS Business Economics MSc Accounting and Finance  
BCom (Hons) MPhil Management Sciences  

MPhil Economics 



School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 


School of Engineering and Applied Sciences banner


Established in 2004, GIFT School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) initially began as a single faculty focused on Computer Sciences. Recognised as a pioneer in computer education, it has evolved into a prominent faculty within GIFT University. In 2013, the school expanded its offerings by introducing the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the local industry in both national and global markets. With these developments, SEAS has established itself as a key contributor to the field of engineering and applied sciences in the region. 


Level Program 
Bachelor’s B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 
Bachelor’s BS Computer Sciences 
Bachelor’s BS Software Engineering 
Bachelor’s BS Data Sciences 
Bachelor’s BS Mathematics 
Master’s MS Computer Sciences 


School of Arts & Social Sciences 

A well-rounded education that encompasses liberal arts is imperative for the holistic growth of the youth. In Pakistan, there is a dire need for young individuals who possess original, creative, and profound thinking abilities to address the challenges faced by the nation.  

The programs offered are as follows:

  • Diploma 
  • Bachelor 
  • Master 
  • Doctorate 


School of Fine Arts Design & Architecture 

For the past twenty years, the School of Fine Art, Design, and Architecture (SFADA) has been making significant contributions to the socio-economic and cultural development of the region and the nation as a whole. With a focus on two programs, Textile and Fashion Design, and Graphic Design, SFADA instills in its students a blend of traditional, classical, and contemporary sensibilities in terms of materials and techniques, fostering a stimulating and dynamic learning environment. 

The programs offered are as follows  

  • Bachelor of Design (Hons) Textile & Fashion 
  • Bachelor of Design (Hons) Graphic & Visual Communication 


Facilities at GIFT University

At GIFTGIFT University, they prioritise the provision of high-quality learning facilities to ensure a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for the students. They offer a range of outstanding facilities that contribute to a supportive and conducive learning environment. Here are some of the key facilities available at the university:


Separate Girls Block 

They are proud to be the only institution in the region that offers a separate girls’ block exclusively for female students. This dedicated block provides a comfortable and secure learning environment, ensuring the well-being and privacy of the female students. 


Women Centre 

The Women’s Centre at GIFT University offers female students a private space where they can relax, engage in discussions, and take a break from their academic activities. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a peaceful prayer room, smart photocopy and printing services, a cosy coffee shop, a comprehensive bookshop, and a comfortable sitting area, the Women Centre caters to the diverse needs of female students. 


Advanced Lecture Theatres 

The university utilises modern teaching aids in lecture theatres to create an interactive and engaging learning atmosphere. Equipped with whiteboards, projection screens, microphones, video projectors, and internet access,  lecture theatres allow instructors to incorporate online resources and provide a dynamic learning experience for students. 


IT and Computing Facilities 


computer lab


At GIFT University, they ensure that systems and facilities remain up-to-date with the latest technology. The campus features seven computer labs with the latest computers and high-speed internet connectivity. Students and staff have access to email services, file storage space, library databases, and high-quality printing services. Wireless networks are available throughout the campus, enabling students to stay connected to information services. 


Resourceful Library


students in the library


They take pride in the expansive library, which provides students with access to a wide range of reading materials beyond their course books. The library offers books on various subjects from renowned international authors, as well as journals, case studies, and research publications, enriching students’ knowledge base and supporting their academic pursuits. 


Digital Library 

In addition to a traditional library, GIFT University provides a digital library that keeps students connected with the latest journals and aids in conducting research. With a vast collection of over 26,000 digital books, numerous case studies, journals, and academic videos, the digital library serves as a valuable resource for tech-savvy students seeking information and conducting in-depth research. 


Student Information System on Mobile App 

They are committed to being technologically advanced. Thus, they have introduced an Android and iOS-based mobile app for students and parents. The app allows easy access to important information such as semester registration, attendance records, results, fee statements, timetables, date sheets, event notifications, program details, scholarships, and faculty information, providing a convenient and user-friendly interface. 



The university’s cafeteria serves as a popular gathering spot for students and faculty. It offers a relaxing environment for socialising, engaging in conversations, and enjoying quality snacks. The cafeteria maintains strict standards of food quality and hygiene, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for everyone. 


Seminar Hall 

The seminar hall serves as a versatile venue for various academic and extracurricular activities, including seminars, conferences, and small events. Equipped with modern audio-visual aids such as multimedia projectors, projection screens, and voice transmission and recording facilities, the seminar hall provides an ideal setting for gatherings of up to 125 people, fostering a vibrant learning and collaborative environment. 


Discussion Rooms 

The University place great emphasis on teamwork and collaboration among the students. To facilitate group discussions and collaborative work on assignments and projects, they provide several discussion rooms on campus. These rooms encourage students to engage in meaningful discussions and work together, promoting a culture of teamwork and innovation. 


Spacious Accommodation for Students 

Recognising the needs of out-of-town students, GIFT University offers separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels are equipped with modern facilities. These include laundry rooms, kitchens, TV lounges, dining facilities, and common rooms, ensuring a comfortable living experience for the students. 


Resource Centre 

The Resource Centre serves as a one-stop shop for various facilities and study resources. Students and staff can access textbooks, stationery items, photocopy facilities, computer accessories, university souvenirs, bookbinding services, and other everyday necessities conveniently from the Resource Centre. 


Spacious Mosque 

A mosque is available on campus, providing students and staff with a convenient place for regular prayers. The mosque ensures a serene environment for spiritual obligations, with prayers offered five times a day under the guidance of an Imam. 


Transportation Facilities 

GIFT University offers air-conditioned buses that operate on different routes within Gujranwala and its surrounding cities. These buses provide safe and secure transportation services. They follow strict schedules to ensure timely pick-up and drop-off for students and staff, enabling convenient commuting. 


Power House 

To prevent power disruptions, the university has invested in its powerhouse. This ensures uninterrupted power supply 24/7, ensuring a consistent and reliable power source for the campus. 



For the convenience of faculty and students, an ATM is available within the university campus. This provides easy access to banking services and eliminates the need for off-campus trips for financial transactions. 


Centrally Air-Conditioned Campus 

GIFT University’s campus is centrally air-conditioned, providing a comfortable learning environment for students. This is particularly true during Gujranwala’s hot weather, enhancing their learning experience. 


Student’s Corner 

The Student’s Corner is a unique initiative that exposes students to real-life business challenges during their education. This project aims to enhance students’ confidence and leadership skills. This prepares them to become future business leaders by providing practical experiences and opportunities for growth. 

At GIFT University, they are dedicated to ensuring that the facilities cater to the diverse needs of the students. This provides them with a supportive and conducive learning environment. They believe that these facilities play a crucial role in enriching their academic journey. Moreover, it also helps them achieve their full potential. 

GIFT University stands as a prestigious institution that nurtures academic excellence, industry linkages, community engagement, and global exposure. Through its comprehensive programs, dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and practical approach to learning, the university equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen careers. With a strong emphasis on social responsibility and entrepreneurship, GIFT University prepares students not only for professional success but also to make a positive difference in society. 

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