Global Investment Consortium plans to invest in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The 200-member Global Investment Consortium (GIC) is planning to invest around €50 billion on a public-private partnership (PPP) basis in different mega projects of Pakistan.

“We have been pretty much successful in convincing hedge funds to consider, in principle, raising enormous funds to channel into government projects in Pakistan,” said GIC Regional Associate Muhammad Irfan Ali.

The consortium is yet to discuss the matters with the Government of Pakistan, he further added.

However, the group has given the green light, in principle, to invest in projects including Diamer-Bhasha Dam, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Reko Diq copper and gold project and a power project.

The consortium utilizes duly regulated hedge funds to finance major infrastructure projects on the basis of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), along with social-sector schemes healthcare, education, ecology, tourism and access to information technology.

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