Government to remove encroachments surrounding Shalimar Gardens


Lahore: In a bid to restore the heritage of Shalimar Gardens in Lahore, the provincial government under its master plan has decided to remove encroachments within 80-100 feet of the land surrounding the Shalimar Gardens. Roads will be excavated to bring them to the original garden level.

The Director Archaeology Afzal Khan has said that the renovation of various paths inside the gardens, several walls and pools has been done. The surrounding walls are however still in progress. Funds for the evacuation of the encroached upon surroundings of the garden will be provided by UNESCO.

The evacuated houses and shops will be compensated accordingly. Afzal Khan however said, it has been decided to dig a road alongside the wall to bring the third terrace of the gardens to its original position as its ground level is six feet lower than the other side due to pressure from rain water. The renovation of the gardens is time consuming and will require a lot of resources, he said.

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