Govt, NHA okay flyover construction on Murree Expressway N-75

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to avert traffic congestion in Bara Kahu before entering Expressway Murree N-75, the government along with the National Highway Authority (NHA) has announced four projects on N-75 including the construction of a 3.5 kilometre 4-lane flyover in Bara Kahu.

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Projects other than the flyover include dualisation of Tarnol road, the establishment of an interchange at Tarnol Railway crossing, construction of U-turn at Satra Meel, and addition of pedestrian bridges adjacent to Akber Niazi Hospital on N-75.

With the completion of the project expected in 2023, the design of the flyover is reportedly expected to be finalised till June 30.

In addition, construction work for the dualisation of Tarnol road will be completed in three phases. With the first phase to cover the construction of Tarnol railway crossing flyover, the second and third phase will cover the dualization of Tarnol and Fateh Jang section N-80. This project is expected to be completed in June 2020.

Furthermore, the construction of a U-turn on N-75, Satra Meel, is also in process. The project is also scheduled to conclude in June 2020.

To address the issues of the pedestrian crossing, the government has already installed pedestrian crossing bridges to help them cross the road and keep the flow of the traffic going.

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