Govt to focus on ‘long-term’ trade policies, says PM

Govt to focus on ‘long-term’ trade policies, says PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has highlighted the need to formulate and adopt ‘long-term’ trade policies to significantly improve the country’s economic conditions.

The premier insisted that Pakistan was struggling with economic challenges due to the absence of long-term policies. “China is progressing by adopting long-term strategies… now we are heading towards adopting the same approach,” he said while addressing a ceremony held to distribute Rs30 billion refund cheques of sales and income tax among prominent exporters.

Khan further stated that regional competitors such as India and Bangladesh have progressed by going ahead with the same approach.

Speaking on the current economic situation of the country, the PM said that while the incumbent government had inherited a depleted treasury with bare minimum foreign exchange reserves, he was pleased with the rate of increase in investors in the stock market.

“For the first time in four years, the current account deficit has turned into surplus,” he claimed.

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